2023 New York Rangers Playoffs

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss in Game 3

Gerard Gallant spoke after the Rangers loss in Game 3 and said (MSG):

  • On the PP, “They did a job adjusting to our PP tonight. I thought our first one real good, had real good looks and after that we had a couple one and out, one and out. It wasn’t as clean, our execution wasn’t as good tonight as it was the other two nights and that was the biggest difference.”

  • On the game, “I thought it was an excellent hockey game, we weren’t as smooth, as crisp, I thought we passed up some scoring chances, especially in the first half of the game trying to make passes, but overall I thought we played a real good game.”
  • On the extra passing, “we tried to get a little cute, I think. Again, I thought we played well, if those would have been put in the back of the net I wouldn’t be saying what I’m saying now, but they make their places, we’ve got some talent, but sometimes a little more direct and making hard on that younger goaltender. But he made some key saves, both goaltenders were excellent tonight.”
  • On the Devils pushing back, “Yea, no…really, the last two games they played pretty well. The five goals we got the other night, I didn’t think it was that distant of a game, I thought they played hard, played well and tonight they played real well and came in here and skated well and played a hard game. Again, it’s a coin toss, overtime and bother teams played well.”
  • On Shesterkin getting a penalty and having two guys in the box, “Meier fell on the goalie and Shesty gave him a couple of shots with the blocker. Hopefully they don’t fall on the goalie too often, I didn’t like it, but that is part of it.”
  • Did they plan for Mika to get back into his spot on the PP, “no, they sort of go and do their own thing. Mike talks with them before the game about a plan and I’m sure he looked at them and said ‘why don’t we do the little switch if we get the chance.”
  • On Zibanejad getting shots from the slot, “he had two good shots from the slot, real good chances, opportunities there.”