2023 New York Rangers Playoffs

Updates from the Rangers on Wednesday

Gerard Gallant met with the media following Rangers practice today and said (NYR):

  • Was there any particular focus at practice today, “Not really, regular practice to just get ready for another game. Good pace, good jump, nothing different than we didn’t do all year.”

  • Are the two days between games good for the team, “I think it’s good, I think it’s good for all teams, actually. It’s the middle of the series and it’s been a battle and we’ve played four games. I think that the day off was real good for everybody and today I’m sure they had the same thing, a real good practice and then you get ready for a game tomorrow night. I’m guessing tomorrow night will be a real good hockey game.”
  • On being on the road for tomorrow, “from what is going on in the NHL I’m glad we’re going on the road. (big laughs) Trust me. What is it? 13 of the last 14? Something like that…it’s unreal.”
  • Why do you think that is, “Honestly, I’d like to have a better answer for you, but I can’t figure it out. You get your crowd that we’ve had here the last two nights and Game 3 was a great game, like I said, but Game 4 wasn’t a good game and the way the crowd is excited for your team and you can’t build momentum off that…obviously we’re not the only ones, it’s happening around the league quite a bit and it’s the same thing as trying to explain 3-0 leads and 4-1 leads…they are tough. It’s a different game, lots of scoring and opportunities…you just get ready and go on the road and prepare and guys are always together.”
  • Did it feel like home ice was a big thing when you played, “Honestly, as a player I thought it was a huge thing. As a coach I don’t see that anymore in the way the game is played today. I don’t think there is any intimidation anymore, or very little anymore, honestly. You might get a team or two that tries that, but for the most part you just play the game. Back in our day there used to be 7-8 fights in the first period (laughs) and then things settled down.”
  • On different options for the PP, “Definitely. You always…during the regular season you’re not playing the same team over and over again so you throw different looks out there.”
  • Do you have a book on Schmid, “We gotta give him some work, that is the book. Make sure that he’s working.”
  • Are there more rebound opportunities to take advantage of, “We haven’t been inside near enough. The first two games were excellent. I read some notes that I had after the first two games, of what we did really well. There were a lot of good things and you go back and look at the notes, look at the games from the last couple of games and we haven’t been inside near enough. It’s hockey and every coach is saying the same thing, when you get inside you get screens and rebounds and deflections instead of missing the net and going the other way. It’s a lot of little things, but you gotta do them well to win games.”
  • Are the Devils doing more to keep you from the inside, “no, they are playing their game, playing fast. We didn’t manage the, like I talked about from Game 1, we haven’t managed the puck that well in the last game. We gotta get a lot better in that.”

Mika Zibanejad was skating with Chris Kreider and Patrick Kane and Vincent Trocheck was skating with Artemi Panarin and Vladimir Tarasenko. (Brooks)


Zibanejad appeared to be in his spot on the left side on the PP, Patrick Kane was in the bumper spot and Artemi Panarin was on the right side. (Staple)