2023 New York Rangers Coaching Search

Joel Quenneville will meet with Gary Bettman after the season ends

Darren Dreger tweets that Gary Bettman will meet with Joel Quenneville “as soon as the season ends to review his status.”

Quenneville was considered to be a top candidate to replace Gerard Gallant but it was reported that the Rangers are not pursuing him.

Elliotte Friedman said of the Rangers and Quenneville last week “I think the Rangers and a lot of other teams that need coaches want to get on their searches and get an idea of who is available. I think that if they believe Quenneville would be potentially available that he would be on their list. I just think that right now there is no guarantee that he is going to be available, so why would you start going through your search with someone who you don’t think is going to be there?”


Adam Rotter: The feeling around the league continues to be that the biggest thing with Quenneville and the Rangers is not necessarily the backlash that would come from his hiring, but that the potential timing of it all doesn’t work for them. Most people expect that Gary Bettman won’t actually meet with Quenneville until after the draft, which is in late June, and there are some who believe that the timing is partly out of design so that all the jobs for next season will be filled. That way Quenneville can be reinstated and ultimately become a mid-season replacement for someone next season.