2024 Stadium Series

The Rangers will play the Islanders at MetLife Stadium on Feb 18

6/3/23 | The NHL has confirmed that the Rangers will play the Islanders at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, February 18th.

The time of the game is still TBD.

Chris Drury said in a statement “The New York Rangers are thrilled to have the opportunity to play at MetLife Stadium as part of the 2024 Navy Federal Credit Union NHL Stadium Series™,” Taking part in marquee events is a privilege we don’t take for granted. I’m excited for our players, organization, and fans that the Rangers will have the chance to play outdoors next February.”


5/23/23 | The Rangers will reportedly play one of two games at MetLife Stadium next season in February. (Weekes, Pagnotta)

The Rangers will play the Islanders while the Devils will play the Flyers.

Next season will mark 10 years since the Rangers played the Devils and Islanders at Yankee Stadium in the NHL’s Stadium Series.

The Rangers last played in an outdoor game in 2018 at the Winter Classic at Citi Field.

Adam Rotter: It had been rumored for the last couple of years that the Rangers were going to be playing in another outdoor game, but the location and opponent was always TBD. There had been some talk of going back to Yankee Stadium for an anniversary series of sorts between the three teams, but some say that logistics and scheduling around NYCFC’s season could have been a conflict. There was also some talk that it was going to be Rangers/Bruins at Fenway Park this past season, but the Penguins got the spot instead because the Penguins owners also own the Red Sox and Fenway Park.

MetLife seemed appealing because it can hold more people and with no repeat teams they can sell four different fan bases to come to the game rather than just three. There are also some who feel that you can’t do an outdoor game in the NY area with just the Rangers and either the Devils or Islanders, that both the Devils and Islanders would need to be involved in some way. That is what they did in 2014 and they solved it this year by getting the Flyers involved.