2023 New York Rangers Offseason

Gord Murphy won’t return to the Rangers, Kris Knoblauch to remain in Hartford

2:57 PM: Kris Knoblauch is believed to be returning to Hartford next season as head coach. (Staple)

1 PM: Gord Murphy will not return to the Rangers next season and be part of Peter Laviolette’s staff. (Staple)

Mike Kelly and Jim Midgley had already been let go after Gerard Gallant and the Rangers parted ways.


Laviolette has had Kevin McCarthy as an assistant coach every year since 2003-04. McCarthy was in charge of the defense.

Blaine Forsythe, who was an assistant to Laviolette in Washington, is also available.

Adam Rotter: I think it’s likely that McCarthy joins the Rangers as he has followed Laviolette around in the same way that Mike Kelly did with Gerard Gallant. Beyond that, and Benoit Allaire remaining in charge of the goalies, it will be interesting to see who else joins.