Alexis Lafreniere

The Rangers have reportedly indicated that they are keeping Alexis Lafreniere

11:15 AM: Elliotte Friedman tweets that “word is” that the Rangers have indicated that they are “committed to keeping Alexis Lafreniere.”

Arthur Staple wrote in The Athletic that “two league sources” said that Lafreniere was “quietly” being shopped, but that he was likely going to remain.


Adam Rotter: So much of this is semantics and wording. Do I believe that Chris Drury has asked around about what kind of value Alexis Lafreniere has on the trade market? Yes. Does that mean he is shopping him? Probably not, but if word came back to Drury that someone or teams were willing to pay a lot for Lafreniere then it may be worth considering. But what would constitute fair value or enough value for the Rangers to trade a former number one overall pick that is only three years into his career and will almost certainly come in next season around $2 million?

Lafreniere certainly isn’t untouchable anymore and there are still questions about how he gets more ice time and opportunity, but he still holds more value to the Rangers at this point than what any team would likely pay. My guess is that, like Filiip Chytil and like Kaapo Kakko, Lafreniere will get a two-year bridge deal and will have to use those two years to show he is worth keeping and building around long-term.