K'Andre Miller

Rangers sign K’Andre Miller to two-year deal

3:35 PM: The Rangers have officially announced the two-year deal for Miller.

Elliotte Friedman says that the cap hit is $3.872 million.

3:21 PM: Larry Brooks tweets that the Rangers are close to signing RFA defenseman K’Andre Miller to a two-year deal in the range of $3.9 million to $4 million.


Adam Rotter: This is sort of what was expected for Miller. I’m sure the Rangers would have liked to have gone with a longer-term, 5-6 year deal, but they don’t have the cap space currently to allow that to happen. So instead Miller gets a fair deal for two-years and then they can see what their salary cap situation is down the line and if a long-term deal makes sense at that point.

A cap hit of $3.872 million is fair for Miller on a two-year deal and he will continue to take on a bigger role under Peter Laviolette. He led the Rangers in total ice time at even strength, beating Adam Fox by 10 minutes, and he should probably be taking more of Fox’s time on the PK to allow Fox a bit more time to breathe.  If Zac Jones or Erik Gustafsson are on the team then I’d assume they would run the second PP, but if neither of them are or they are hurt then Miller should definitely get the chance over Jacob Trouba. Trouba has a better shot and that is a threat, even if he misses the net it could still lead to a scramble and opportunity if they recover the puck, but Miller is a better skater and smoother with the puck at the blue line. PP or not,  Miller will still be going out with one of the top-two lines and we should continue to see the progression in his offensive game. You’d love it if he took a bit from his D-partner Trouba’s game and was a little bit more physical, but his size and his reach make him an effective defender.