2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the win over Arizona

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the win over Arizona and said (MSG, NYR):

On the game, “It was a hard-fought win, the two teams played hard. They are a young team trying to move in the right direction. Thought the second period, we had to kill a lot of penalties and things we had to do out there and did a pretty good job, but took away from the flow of the 5-on-5 game. We came out in the third period starting to press again and push and to me that was a really good sign after the second not going the way we wanted and playing as much 5-on-5. Obviously some big things out there, the kill 5 on 3, the penalty shot save, really important inside the game.”


On the 5-on-3 PK, “there is no question that a PK or PP can infuse life into a player, team, building, a period. There is no question that people doing the right things and blocking shots. Whether it be PK or PP I do think that it can create a buzz. There is nothing that goes up on the scoreboard from a 5-on-3 kill, but everybody else feeds off it.”

On the team system, “I thought it was a lot better from a 5-on-5 standpoint. There are a couple of things we’ll talk about where we got caught, took some penalties, that was not good, but from a 5-on-5 standpoint , again, there wasn’t an abundant amount of opportunities coming and I do think that we stayed patient and then in the third period I thought we started to press and go in the offensive zone more and more. Even when you are winding the game down from 5 minutes under, just killing the clock down in the offensive zone is better than going back and playing in your end. The press in the last five minutes when they are trying to get the goaltender out was good as well. The third period was more of a press. It would be great if every game you could get 50 shots and 100 attempts, but sometimes you got to play the game and they were competitive tonight and it was a competitive game.”

On Shesterkin’s stopping the penalty shot, “that pumps it into the building too, the save and it pumps the building up and it goes the other way and you’ve gotta go back to work and the game is now back to even and you gotta find a way and so there is a chance for a team to catch momentum off that one way or the other.,,There was definitely juice, I think everybody understood the situation. That was a big moment in the game and you need a a save and he certailny gave us one.”

On Ryan Lindgren, “he was good to play tonight, he was cleared, he’s coming off of something where he’s dealing with something, but I thought he was in the mix all night and he’s a competitive guy and he played the full 60 and 1 minutes tonight (laugh).”

On Chris Kreider, “It’s been a really good line, positive line. He’s a noticeable, impactful player for us.”

“I think it’s a long road and we don’t have to be perfect tonight. We want to win the game, but we don’t have to be perfect or perfectly ready tonight. I think that there is a lot of things that have gone on through training camp, the exhibition games, the start of the season and it is getting better and better. To where we were in game three of the exhibition season, bumping into each other in practice, trying to figure out how we’re going to move as a group and so I do see more continuity and more fluidness to our game. But there are still things there and we’ll just continue to teach the players, they are on board. The opponent and the game plays into it, sometimes the game just moves so easy out there and you feel like you can do anything and then other games you feel like you gotta fight for everything and tonight it felt more like you had to find your space, you really had to compete for your ice, compete for pucks, but what I liked is that we didn’t get frustrated by it, we didn’t try to overpress or go outside of our shoes and we just kept playing the game and eventually we were able to get to the right side of it.”