Chris Drury

Chris Drury to be Team USA GM at World Championships

12:05PM: Chris Drury will be the GM for Team USA at the 2021 World Championships.

Drury was the Team USA GM in 2019 and was scheduled to be the GM in 2020 before the tournament was canceled.

Drury was recently promoted from assistant GM to associate GM after he turned down the chance to speak with Pittsburgh about their GM job.

Chris Drury

Chris Drury promoted to Associate General Manager

The Rangers have announced that Chris Drury has been promoted from Assistant GM to Associate GM.

From the Rangers release:

“In his role, Drury will continue to assist Rangers General Manager Jeff Gorton on all player transactions and contract negotiations, and he is also responsible for all hockey-related matters for the Wolf Pack. During his time working in the Rangers’ front office, Drury has also worked in an executive role at the international level. He served as the General Manager for the U.S. Men’s National Team at the 2019 IIHF World Championship, and he was selected to serve in the same capacity for the 2020 IIHF World Championship.”

Chris Drury

The Penguins and their interest in Chris Drury (Updates)

2/3 | 3:15PM: Bob McKenzie tweets that Chris Drury has informed the Penguins that he isn’t interested in leaving “NYC or the Rangers at this time.”

Adam Rotter: And thus ends the confusing back and forth about Drury’s candidacy. The reports out of Pittsburgh never seemed like Drury was a major candidate or realistic for the Penguins, but this closes it officially. While Drury will be mentioned as a GM candidate for every opening that comes up, there are some around the league that believe he is committed to the Rangers and sticking around until the team is either fully on the upswing, or….until they win. Some think that Drury wants to stick with the Rangers to try and fulfill the goal he had when he signed with them as a player: to win the Stanley Cup. He wasn’t able to do it as a player, but he will have his fingerprints all over it if the Rangers are able to win while he is part of the front office. It’s all just speculation and maybe Drury has his eye on a specific job or location that could open up, but after withdrawing from the Florida GM search and not partaking in this one with Pitt, some people think Drury could be with the Rangers for a while.

Chris Drury Rangers

Chris Drury withdraws from Florida GM search

8/30/20 | Elliotte Friedman writes that Drury was not only a “serious contender” to be the Panthers GM but that he was the front runner and some believed he was going to be offered the job before he withdrew. (Sportsnet)

8/29/20 | Larry Brooks tweets that Chris Drury has withdrawn his name from consideration for the Panthers vacant GM job.

Brooks tweets that Drury interviewed with Florida on 8/16. (Brooks)

Drury, in his role as assistant GM, was signed a contract extension this past season.

He has been assistant GM since September 2016 and the Rangers have not allowed teams in the past to speak to him about vacant GM positions.

Adam Rotter: Drury is a huge part of the front office and a big part of the rebuild so this is good news for the Rangers. How long will he remain in his current position or with the Rangers? That remains to be seen. He’s very respected around the league and many expect him to be a GM in the next few years if he wants to pursue it.

Chris Drury

The Panthers have permission to speak with Chris Drury about their GM job

8/17/20 | Over the weekend, Elliotte Friedman said on Hockey Night in Canada that the Rangers have granted permission to Florida to interview assistant GM for the Panthers vacant GM position.

Others candidates that have either been granted permission to speak with Florida, or are expected to be granted permission, include Scott Mellanby of Montreal, John Ferguson of Boston, Laurence Gilman in Toronto, Mike Futa, formerly of LA. (Hockey Night in Canada)

Friedman also notes that former Flyers GM Ron Hextall and Washington’s Ross Mahoney may also speak with the Panthers. (Hockey Night in Canada)

Drury, along with GM Jeff Gorton, was given a contract extension earlier this year by Rangers President John Davidson.

Drury has been assistant GM since September 2016 and the Rangers have not allowed teams in the past to speak to him about vacant GM positions.

While GM for Team USA at the World Championships in the spring of 2019, Drury said:

  • On eventually becoming an NHL GM, “I think that long-term that is something I would love to do but right now I absolutely love working for Gorts and the Rangers and got back into the game with one goal in mind and that is to help them win a Stanley Cup and that hasn’t changed for me.”
  • On his path after retiring, “Jeff hired me to get into development and I was Director of Player Development for a year and I got to be in a lot of different meetings, with coaches, draft meetings, free agent meetings, trade deadline meetings and this kind of opened up. The assistant GM job was out there and Jeff asked if I had any interest and was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and get the job.”

Adam Rotter: Early speculation around the NHL is that Mellanby, with his big connection to the Panthers from his playing days, is the favorite but that the process is only just beginning. With how the Rangers rejected teams in the past from speaking to Drury, I wonder if there is something in his new contract that stops them from doing that. That is just a guess on my part but the Rangers may also be comfortable allowing Drury to interview for this and potentially other GM jobs. Buffalo, after they fired their GM a few months ago, would have made sense for Drury with his history there but they quickly promoted from within. Drury is a big part of the Rangers front office and it would be a big blow to lose him but we will just how to see how this plays out.

Chris Drury Jeff Gorton

Jeff Gorton and Chris Drury had their contracts extended

Elliotte Friedman said on Hockey Night in Canada that Ranger GM Jeff Gorton and assistant GM Chris Drury have had their contracts extended.

Gorton has been the Rangers GM since July 2015 and Friedman said that he expects Gorton to be in the running for the GM of the year award.

Drury has been assistant GM since September 2016 and the Rangers have not allowed teams in the past to speak to Drury about vacant GM positions.

Drury will be the GM for Team USA at the World Championships for the second straight year.

Rangers President John Davidson praised both Gorton and Drury after the trade deadline.