2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after Sunday’s loss to Philly

David Quinn spoke after the Rangers loss to the Flyers at MSG and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • On the first period, “we just couldn’t stop their power play. We went three for whatever, they had three PP goals but the difference in a lot of ways was the shorthanded goal we gave up. I thought we were on our heels after we gave up the first one and then we had some great looks on our first PP, couldn’t score and we give up the second PP goal and it looks like, before the period is out, to close it out and we give up the shorthanded goal which really kind of took the wind out of our sails and then we gave up the goal early, the partial breakaway. You have to come up with a kill and we weren’t able to do it tonight.”
  • On not letting this game carry over, “we can’t let one game affect the next. It’s a good hockey team we just played. It was our special teams, even though our PP gets three, we give up the shorthanded one at a very bad time and really deflated us and gave them life and took us out of it for a while.”
  • On Lundqvist, “Made some big saves early, I thought we were really on our heels after we gave up the first one and he kept it at bay. Can’t fault him for any of them.”
  • On takeaways after playing the Flyers, “they are a good team and we touched on how well they’ve been playing lately. Give them credit. They have a lot of the qualities you look for in a really good hockey team. That being said, we just were off a little bit tonight. Part of it is them and we need to get some rest here in the next day in a half and be ready for Tuesday.”
  • On Shesterkin, “He feels a lot better, he’s been on the ice and taking shots, nothing high. He might be back sooner than we envisioned but it’s really an injury you need to monitor daily but he has made a lot of progress in a week.”
  • Does this game change your confidence in Lundqvist, “no, listen. We’ve all touched on how hard of a situation this is for him, no one is more sympathetic to him than I am. He and I had 3-4 conversations this week and we want to put him in a situation to succeed. I thought he was fine tonight, I didn’t think Hank was our issue tonight. Hank was not our problem.”
  • “for sure, we touched on it yesterday. It was tough because we had a day off so we didn’t get a chance to spend much time on it and we play at noon today. Tomorrow will be a really good day to take a deep breath and rehash things and have a short, hard practice and get ready for Tuesday.”
  • On benching Strome, “two penalties that he can’t take, just didn’t like his game.”
  • On the first period and Hank, “we had the first one, just lost coverage on the first one and second one. Guys are standing there and we don’t pick sticks up. We didn’t have enough stick coverage around the net. Doesn’t have anything to do with the goalie.”
  • On all the penalties, “you saw a few of them.”