Alex Georgiev

Alex Georgiev to start against St. Louis on Tuesday

3:38PM: David Quinn spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • On Di Giueseppe on the top line, “I liked his game the other night, a lot of what can happen through the course of the game is the situation, the score, who might be playing well, who may not be. There are a lot of things that go into those decisions. Last night we had some moving pieces, down 5-1 the way we were, things do change. For the most part we will leave that and start it way and see how it goes. With Kreids out you are having a bit of a feeling out process of how might grab that opportunity, but I’ve talked with Mika and Buchie and our staff and we think this is the move for right now.”
  • Why Di Giueseppe, “I love his pace, he plays a lot like Fast, he has that hard working mentality, gets to the net, plays at a pace, he can create room for Buchie and Mika.”
  • Would you move a RW to LW, “It all depends on the player and their history playing left or right, it’s circumstantial depending on what player we are talking about. That is always part of the equation when you think you may want to put a line together, and you’ve got two guys that have played the right for most of the year. Is one of them comfortable on the left and have they done it in the past. Buchie can play the left because he is a left shot, Kaapo. It’s easier for a left shot to go over there, those two guys that could probably do it, have done it and will do it if need be.”
  • Are you prepared to give a timetable on Kreider, “he thinks he’ll be able to come back next week (laugh). We’ll see. He’s in a boot. How quickly he heals will depend on when he gets back.”
  • On Shesterkin’s timeline, “it might be sooner, it might be later. With this type of injury it’s very free flowing, how quickly can you recover? He’s feeling better. He was out there again this morning before we practiced and he’s making a lot of progress.”
  • What is the trust level with players and injuries, “you can tell in practice, we aren’t going to put him in game without testing every possible move. We’ll know for sure.”
  • On Ryan Strome, “we kissed and made up today. He’s back in the lineup. We talked before practice and I would do that with any player. I don’t think that letting a guy wonder is good for anybody. He’s back at it and we’ll need him and he’s been a great player for us.”
  • Who is starting tomorrow, “Georgie.”
  • Do you think you will need to use both goalies coming up, “I go game by game. I’m not just saying that. We sit in our meetings and we talk about tomorrow and that is it.”

1:27PM: Alex Georgiev will start in net for the Rangers on Tuesday against St. Louis at MSG. (Stephenson)

Georgiev stopped 74 of 79 shots against the Islanders and Canadiens last week before giving up five goals on 40 shots against the Flyers.