2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss in Game 1

David Quinn met with the media on MSG and said:

  • On the offense being stubborn, “I thought as the game went on with got better with that mentality but I thought, really for the first 30 minutes we were slow and didn’t think we really played at a pace. They set the pace and tempo and it look to long for us to respond. The game got better for us as it went on. We just gotta to find a way to get more inside, we were too perimeter. We gotta fight our way, being tough isn’t running people, isn’t hitting people, it’s getting to the net, getting inside people and too often we were on the perimeter today. I liked our will, we battled. It just wasn’t enough.
  • On Igor being unfit to play, “We are not sure he will be ready for game two. I thought Hank had a good night.”
  • When did you know Igor wouldn’t play, “last night.”
  • On the first period today, “I thought we played a team that was pissed off because we beat them four times during the year. Obviously, the first shift or second shift we lose one of our best players, they get a goal because of it and Williams gets in a fight with Stromer. I liked how we responded, we certainly weren’t knocked off our game but when you play a team that you have had success against they are going to come out with more hunger and piss and vinegar and they certainly did. I liked the fact that we kind of rope-a-doped in the first and are only down 1-0 and gave ourselves a chance. They got the PP goal, we come back and make it 2-1 and it’s a hockey game. Some things we can take out of tonight but we’ve gotta be better and we will address the things we’ve gotta be better with starting tomorrow.”
  • On Kakko and Chytil moving up, “For sure, we’ve all touched on how good both of those guys have looked. I thought Gauthier had a good night too, thought he looked good. Those guys earned their ice time and opportunity but we need everybody, we can’t just have 10-12 guys being on their game, we need everybody being on their game. Good to see those guys in their first playoff game play the way they did.”
  • On the PP, “we were just too slow. I’m not gonna sit here and talk to you about some seam pass we could have made or one guy should have gone here or there, we were just too slow. Their PK is aggressive, we know that and done well against it. We just weren’t ready tonight to play at a pace, we  got into PP mode instead of hockey mode.”
  • On not having any drama in camp and then having some , “Without question. There is no doubt that when you give up a goal a minute-five into the period and you lose Quickie, that it has an emotional impact on your team.  They get the goal because he doesn’t have his wits about him, Slavin goes backdoor, a play Quickie usually makes. He’s just not mentally ready to make it and he’s hurt and they get the first goal. Not only did we lose our best player but a goal was scored because of it. Our special teams, our PK was pretty- but we gotta do a better job clearing pucks on our PK. It’s a big reason why we spend so much time in our own zone, it’s not the structure it’s the fact that we aren’t clearing pucks hard enough and our PP has to be quicker. When you get off to that start and you lose to a team four times, you are going to be pissed off and I think everybody is pissed off when a series starts but they heightened theirs.”