2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over NJ

David Quinn met with the media following the win over NJ and said (MSG):

  • On Igor Shesterkin, “It’s a lower-body injury and we will know a lot more tomorrow morning, that is kind of the status right now.”

  • On Chris Kreider, “well when you score at the rate he is, he means an awful lot, for a team that has struggled to score goals this year. One of the things about him, he’s always doing the right thing, he’s reiterating all the things we are trying to get our team to do. The leadership opportunities this year are greater than they have been in the past, so he has taken advantage of that.”
  • On Mika Zibanejad, “To me, I think he is letting the stats and pressure slow him down a little bit, I think it’s getting to him. This is a guy that has been a fearless player, courageous player and gets in to battle, but something is just missing and we certainly try to let him play through it, he’s earned that opportunity, but right now we have to continue to play the guys that are playing well. I liked his response, I thought he had a better second half of the game, he’s just trying to find his game.”
  • On the decision making process on sitting Mika, “I didn’t love his game or what we were seeing, I didn’t love a lot about our first period, but he’s had a tough start to the season and thought that him sitting for a while would give him and our team a little jolt and I did like what I saw when he came back out and I was just gonna see how he was playing, how he was competing and skating and if I saw an uptick in his play I was gonna continue to play him, if not, he was gonna continue to sit. That is really what it came down to.”
  • On Chytil and moving him around, “his speed was more noticeable throughout the game, more consistent with his speed. It was a better overall night for him and I thought Blackie was kind of struggling a little bit, we were struggling for a lot of reasons in the first period and wanted to give it a little bit of a chance in the second and then made the changes.”
  • On Alexis Lafreniere, “There is definitely more confident with the puck, doing the things he is capable of doing at this level and it’s nice to see him get rewarded. I know it feels good for him, we were joking about the goal the other night, off the knee and in and tonight was a completely different goal. They don’t draw pictures after a game and they don’t tell the story when you look at the stat sheet. I’m happy he is getting rewarded for the plays he is capable and has been making.”
  • On Kreider as a leader, “it’s huge, because we don’t have a lot of guys with that type of experience and for him to deliver the way he has been certainly goes a long way in us having a chance to have success. We continue to climb out of the hole we dug ourselves, and, today wasn’t pretty. I loved how in the third period we started and made it difficult for them, we didn’t let them hang around, we start the third and get those two goals and the whole complexion of the game changes and we’ve had trouble in the third and we have done a better job in those areas. There are games within the game, we managed the first period, to get out of there 1-0, our goalie was outstanding and I thought that as the game gradually went on we got better.”
  • Was there a different mindset for the third, “we talked about that and these guys have certainly understood the situation we’ve been in in the third and we’ve had a hard time putting games away and we are starting to get better at it, which is a good sign. You get that one early and a two-goal lead deflates the opponent a little bit and then we get the fourth and all the sudden that lead could look insurmountable, not that it ever is, but it’s difficult to come back from a three-goal lead in the third period, especially with the way our goalie was playing. It was good to see us do it early.”