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The options the Rangers have with their pick tonight

2PM: Frank Seravalli tweets that Georgiev requested a trade “a while back.” He also ssays that Georgiev “wasn’t exactly known as a favorite teammate” witih the Rangers. (Daily Faceoff)

10:50 AM: Larry Brooks tweets that Buffalo’s “demands” for Eichel remain “fantastical.”

Brooks adds that the offers for the Rangers pick tonight have been “few and hardly enticing.”


9 AM: The Rangers have the 16th pick, though the 15th player selected, in tonight’s first round of the NHL Draft.

The Rangers hold two picks in the third round tomorrow, three in the fourth round and one each in the fifth, sixth and seventh.

Tony DeAngelo will be placed on unconditional waivers at 12PM today to begin his buyout process. (LeBrun)

Reports yesterday indicated that the Rangers have inquired about trying to move into the top-10 so that they could use that pick as part of a potential Jack Eichel trade.

Larry Brooks confirmed what has previously been reported in that the Rangers have been “shopping” Pavel Buchnevich for weeks. (NY Post)

There has also been speculation on the future of Ryan Strome and Alex Georgiev.

Adam Rotter: The expectation for a while has been that the Rangers were going to trade their first-round pick to acquire someone who can help now. That is still very possible, but there is also some thought that the Rangers may trade out of the first round, in exchange for a first-rounder next year when prospects will be playing a regular schedule and Drury will have put his scouting staff together. Doing that also allows the Rangers to keep adding assets that could be used for a trade after the draft and into next season.

A move like that, which would also likely include another pick or two, would allow the Rangers to keep going down the road with Jack Eichel or with any player or situation that may not be able to get resolved in the next 12-14 hours. The Rangers don’t need to keep stockpiling assets to keep building up the organizational depth, any move like that would be based upon using those assets to bring in another top-end player.

The report of the Rangers asking about moving into the top-10 and then trading that pick to get Eichel is interesting, but that scenario sees the Rangers potentially losing 5-6-7-8+ assets to ultimately land him. Moving from #16 into the top-10 isn’t going to be easy, especially with teams knowing they would have leverage over the Rangers, and would probably cost #16 and some combination of Pavel Buchnevich, Ryan Strome, Alex Georgiev or a prospect and then you still have to make a multi-piece deal to get Eichel. It just seems like the whole process would cost way too much.

Of course, there is also the chance that the Rangers do nothing, stay pat at #16 and draft the best available center. At this moment I’d still put it at better than 50/50 that the pick is moved in some way, but we will see.  In regards to who might available at #16, it’s hard to say because there seems to be an extreme range of opinions on what will happen after the top 10. We all expect the Rangers to be active and we will see if that begins tonight.