2021 Rangers Offseason

What is next for the Rangers after the expansion draft (Updates)

9:46AM: Frank Seravalli writes that the Rangers have “attempted” to move Buchnevich “for weeks.”

Seravalli says that Alex Georgiev is looking for a “fresh start” and that the Rangers are reportedly looking for a first-round pick in exchange. (Daily Faceoff)

He adds that the Rangers have also inquired about moving up from #16 into the top-10 of tomorrow’s draft so that pick can be used as part of a potential Eichel trade. (Daily Faceoff)


9:19AM: The Rangers have “still not received” access to Eichel’s medical records, so Larry Brooks tweets that “nothing is close at this point.”

8:23AM: The NHL’s roster freeze will lift at 1 PM Eastern today.

It’s expected that the Rangers could announce the buyout of Tony DeAngelo and the contract for newly acquired Barclay Goodrow as soon as the roster freeze lifts.

Elliotte Friedman said of the Rangers, on Thursday morning, “I do think the Rangers are looking for a left-hand D, there is another guy that Seattle drafted, who I wonder if he fits a bit better, and it’s  Carson Soucy, because his cap hit isn’t as high. The Rangers have some tough negotiations right now, there is Shesterkin and Fox next year. I know Giordano only has one-year left on his deal, but Soucy kind of fits a lower number. I’m not convinced Giordano’s getting traded, I think the Rangers are looking for a guy who fits his profile.” (Sportsnet)

Friedman added that he thinks Seattle has talked to the Rangers about Ryan Strome. (Sportsnet)

On Jack Eichel, Freidman said earlier in the week “I think the next few days are going to be or might be a little goofy on Eichel too. I’ve kind of heard teams passing out, it’s so tough to say right now because there is so much bluffing…it sounds like Anaheim’s out, LA’s out, Calgary’s out, it can always change with one phone call. I think Minnesota is in there, Minnesota has to work with Buffalo to get a contract out and I still wonder about the Rangers. I really believe that Chris Drury is a stealth guy, I still wonder about all of this.” (Sportsnet)

Later on Tuesday, he said of Eichel, on the NHL Network, “I think the Rangers have always kind of kept doing this in stealth mode.

Early on Thursday, Friedman said “some of the teams that were out, well someone said to me today, that maybe a couple of those teams might be edging back in.” (Sportsnet)

Pavel Buchnevich, Ryan Strome, and Alex Georgiev have all been the subject of trade rumors.

The Rangers hold the 16th pick in tomorrow night’s draft.

Adam Roter: The expectation is that things around the league are  going to pick up right where they left off when the roster freeze started on Saturday.

There has been speculation that the Rangers could be acquiring former Flames captain Mark Giordano from Seattle. but it’s hard to imagine that the Kraken will trade him after they trotted him out at the draft last night. Giordano will be 38 when the season starts and he would add veteran leadership on defense, but it’s hard to get behind giving up significant assets for a 38-year old that would be on the Rangers’ third pair behind K’Andre Miller and Ryan Lindgren on the left side. Calgary didn’t want to lose Giordano but they wouldn’t pay first and third round picks to Seattle for them not to select him. I don’t think Seattle is asking that from a team who might want Giordano, but the price is going to be high to acquire someone who is likely to be the first Seattle captain.

Carson Soucy, from Seattle via Minnesota, makes more sense. He’s 26, 6-5 and only has a cap hit of $2.75 million, but it really depends on what the Rangers are looking for out this spot on the left side. Do they want someone experienced, someone who has gone deep into the playoffs or just been around for a while? Are they looking for someone youngish, but with some NHL experience that can both be part of things moving forward and/or allow the Rangers to use some of their defensive surplus to acquire something else? Are they looking for something else out of a spot that will probably bump out Libor Hajek and, in a lot of ways, replace Brendan Smith? I know that most, and I’m sort of inclined to agree, would rather see Zac Jones or another young/rookie defender on the left side, but it seems like the Rangers would prefer to have one veteran on both sides (Jacob Trouba on the right and this newly acquired veteran on the left) and then two young players on each side (Fox, Nils Lundkvist/Braden Schneider on the right and K’Andre Miller, Ryan Lindgren on the left).

With Jack Eichel….we will see. The draft is tomorrow and if Buffalo wants a first-round pick then they need to make a deal soon. I think that if it’s the Rangers then we are going to see other moves come first. I think we’d see Ryan Strome or Pavel Buchnevich move, with the other likely going back to Buffalo as part of the deal. It’s just hard to get a real read on the situation as teams want Buffalo to lower the asking price and/or retain salary. The belief all along has been that the Sabres don’t want to send him here unless the Rangers overpay, but as we get closer to the draft and teams may or may not still be in, Buffalo may have to seriously consider doing that if they just want to end this saga.