2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Boston

Gerard Gallant met with the media after the game and said (NYR Game Notes),

  • On the game, “I liked the game tonight, I thought we played a really good, solid hockey game. It wasn’t as scrambly as I thought the last game,  but the first period was real good, there was a little bit more contact tonight, the Rooney line got some momentum in the second period with a good forechecking shift, it was good to see things like that and our top guys scored.”

  • On Panarin, Strome, Kakko, “they were great, it was good to see. Like I said, it’s an exhibition game, but they came to play they played very well and you see some good things.”
  • On Kakko, “played well, bangs in a nice goal going to the net, that is where you score your goals for guys like that that get to the net and Panarin and Strome put the puck there for him.”
  • On Kakko on the PK, “we talked about young players maturing and that is something he will be able to do for sure.”
  • On Jones, Schneider and Hajek, “I thought they all played real well. I mean, Schneider  was what you see he’s a physical guy who moves the puck pretty well. Jones, he was great moving his feet read across the blue line and making some plays and, I think I mentioned Hajek this morning, just being solid and good out there. So you know we’ll watch some tape on them and but I thought from watching the game, you know, from behind the bench that all three of them played real good hockey tonight and they all played their game.”
  • How much do you measure exhibition games, “Yes, and that’s exactly what I wanted I told our team, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing against it’s what we’re going to do to try and get our systems in place and play the way I want you to play and the way they want to play so I thought tonight the first period was excellent for that, second period wasn’t good, but I was real happy overall. And again, like you said, it’s exhibition games, but it’s nice when you see your team doing something that you worked on in practice.”
  • On needing forwards for the PK, “some guys haven’t played it before but, again, I’ve been a coach for a while in this league, an assistant coach and I remember Rick Nash coming up scoring 41 goals in Columbus, never played PK and then year two or year three he started playing PK and at the end of his career he was known as one of the better PK guys in the league and so guys get the opportunity to do that, it takes a little bit of time, but I think you can turn Kakko and those type of players into good PK guys also.”
  • What do you look for in a PKer, “Good instincts, I mean, to me, most  highly talented skilled players can kill penalties. Not all of them will go out there and do that but a lot of those guys they got good sticks, good hand eye coordination and the read plays real well. It’s the same thing offensively just got to pay the price a little bit more defensively and like I said, Kakko is a guy that got a chance tonight and we will give him another chance the next game he plays.”
  • How valuable are these games for the young guys, “guys are getting the chance to play and then guys will get the chance, we played eight different guys killing penalties. Like I said, we want to find out if they can do the job and give them an opportunity to do the job and, you know, the next couple days of practice when we show them some video, some mistakes and some real good plays and, you know, they’ll learn from that and that is what it’s all about at this time of year.”