2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win in Montreal

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Montreal and said (MSG):

  • On the game, “it was a great game, battle in the game, a good hockey game, goaltending on both sides was excellent, definitely good to get that first win for the team.”
  • On holding on, “I don’t think we held on, I think the game was played both ways and back and forth, but it’s tough to lose players in-game, especially top players like Kakko, but the guys dug in, dug down and the other guys got a little more ice time.”

  • What do you say when Kakko goes out and you are already without Strome, “you don’t say nothing, the guys know, it gives guys more ice time, you just move on. Every team gets injuries during games, that is part of coaching and you gotta mix and match lines a little bit.”
  • On Lafreniere starting tonight, “He deserves it. He had a really good training camp, real good kid and playing really well for us. That line played well and the way the kid played tonight was probably the best of the three. We are happy. Obviously he is an emotional kid and I think he felt really good about starting and I know it means a lot to him. He’s done that all his career, the first overall pick and he’s had a great career in the Quebec league. He’s getting better and playing a better two-way game and we are real happy with the progress he is making.”
  • Do you have an update on Kakko, “upper body, day to day (smile).”
  • It happened during the first period, “I think it was late in the first, in that area.”
  • Do you have any indication on if it is serious, “Day to day (laughs).”
  • On building on things, “Yeah, definitely the last game we played at home, we had a great second half of that game and it definitely builds up for tonight’s game. We  know Montreal’s Home Opener tonight, it was tough and they came out pretty good and they were banging the body early but we were fortunate enough to get by the first seven or eight minutes and then I thought we played real good  hockey.”
  • On Shesterkin, “he made some good plays, he really did a great job of clearing the puck tonight, too. Montreal forechecked hard and that probably 10 to 12 times he got the puck over the blue line and you know made good outlet passes to our forward so that was really key and he made some great saves, Jake Allen made some great saves, I thought it was a great goalie battle tonight.”
  • On Lafreniere building on this, “definitely. He’s a talented kid and he is still a really young kid, but he’s a talented kid and we asked him to play a better two way game and he’s responding to that, I mean he created three or four good chances tonight. He scored a nice goal, he had some other chances so we really like the progress from training camp till right now.”