2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win in Toronto

Gerard Gallant spoke with the media following the OT win over Toronto and said (MSG):

  • On Igor Shesterkin, “He was incredible tonight, stole us a couple of points. He was outstanding style us a couple of points in here tonight, so he was, he was outstanding and Campbell was really good too, we didn’t have a lot of chances, but we had some Grade A chances and he made some real good saves also, but our goalie was outstanding.”
  • What impresses you about Shesterkin, “His athleticism, strong, plays hard on every puck. I haven’t seen him very much, but he just the way he moves in the net and that and he’s always square to pucks.”

  • Is there anything you liked from this game, “we won…we had a bad second period, 17-2 shots, a little sleepy in the second and got dominated, but I thought the first was okay, the third was okay, the overtime was okay, teams traded chances. Did we have a bad 25 minutes? Yeah.”
  • Is Igor’s play contagious, “You hate to have to rely on your goalie that much, especially in that second period. He made some incredible saves to keep it close for us. That’s what he can do for you and that’s what he does for a team. When a team doesn’t show up for a period, he keeps you in the game and you get a chance to get two points. And you know, we stole two points tonight.”
  • On putting Panarin and Zibanejad together, “I had to do something. After the second we are looking at each other and saying that it wasn’t good at all. So we wanted to change something up and see how it went. So it was a little better,  but again, you know, we’re missing a couple of top players, the lines are a little imbalanced right now and it worked out okay.  Obviously, in overtime, he gets a big goal. So that was good to see.”
  • On not playing Morgan Barron, “he was called up as an extra player if we needed something. So you gotta scratch somebody. We love Morgan. But again, it’s about our team.”
  • Did it have to do with Barron playing a few in a row for Hartford, “no, I don’t worry about Hartford. He’s in great shape. He finished one of the top. He’d be fine, he would have been happy. But no, it’s just we you know we had our line up and we got to make sure we have an extra forward so you know, we’ll decide on the lineup when we play in Nashville next game. We’ll see what goes.”
  • On Panarin, “I hope so, for him. He likes to score and make plays and hopefully that goal will make him feel really good about himself. Obviously our top players and Mika scored tonight, so that is big for him.”
  • What are you not seeing enough of, “I think we could have had 4-5 goals, easily tonight. Two off the crossbar, he made some incredible saves. I don’t know how to answer that question. We created the chances, there were good chances there. We didn’t get a lot of shots, I agree 100%, but when I look at the tape and see the chances we had. It was the same as the Dallas game, there were chances there. Goalies are good on the other end too and that happens.”
  • On the shot differential, “Does it matter? Who won tonight?”
  • Do you think the shot total matters, “no. It’s the quality of the chances and we’ll go over those chances tomorrow when we go over the video, but I know one thing, we had some great chances. Did they have maybe twice as many as us? Possible, but we created enough chances to score 4-5 goals.”
  • Is Panarin and Zibanejad a one-off, “I don’t know, we will see. We will have to look at our lineup again. We want depth on all of our lines and especially those top two lines have a lot of talent and we will see what our lineup looks like in Nashville.”