2021-22 Rangers

Shesterkin expected in net and other updates before the game against Vancouver

Igor Shesterkin is expected to start tonight in Vancouver with Jarred Tionrdi likely remaining in for Nils Lundkvist. (Staple)

Lundkvist, Libor Hajek, Julien Gauthier, Ryan Reaves and Alex Georgiev were skating after practice. (Stephenson)


Gerard Gallant spoke after the morning skate and said (NYR):

  • Any lineup changes, “we’re not sure on one, might be one, but we aren’t sure.”
  • On Reaves, “he isn’t playing tonight. Doing well, but not playing tonight.”
  • Is Goodrow on the top line permanent, “as long as things are going good we like him there. He can fit in with anybody, but as of right now it’s permanent, but that could change tomorrow. We like the way he’s played up there, he’s played well and the line has been okay.”
  • Do you need more from the third line, “Yea, I need to see more from that line. I didn’t like their last game, they gotta play a lot better and they will. They had a tough game, I thought, the last one and they will be better tonight.”
  • On giving that line feedback, “show them video, we talk to them all the time and they are good kids, sometimes they can be a little inconsistent at times. They know that the last game they didn’t play the last 7-8 minutes and we need more. With our lineup I want everybody to play in important situations and when you aren’t playing as well you aren’t going to get on the ice at those important times of the game, but they understand, they’ll be better.”
  • What more do you need, “yesterday we talked about not turning pucks over, that is a big part of it. Important times of the game, close hockey games you gotta make sure you are going the right thing and manage the puck. The effort is always there, they compete, it’s just about managing the puck and not giving those turnovers and when you are winning 2-1 with five minutes left in the game you are putting the guys out that you feel comfortable with that had a good game and that is what happens. That isn’t going to change how they play tonight, I hope they play better on the ice, but me coaching it’s going to be a fresh night tonight. So go back, play real good and you’ll play your regular minutes and regular turns.”
  • On Nils Lundkvist, “he’s a developing young player in his first year. We are happy with him, we like what he does, but we got other defensemen. Last game we were happy with the way Tinordi played, he did a good job, we won the hockey game, but Nils is coming along well, coming along fine. We aren’t going to rush anybody or force anybody, but we are happy with his progress.”
  • Is it that you want to get Tinordi a game once in a while, “that isn’t it at all, it’s about winning and playing. Tinordi is an NHL defenseman. In there you are deciding on your lineup and that is what we do as coaches. It’s coaches decisions.”
  • Do you have to get Libor Hajek a game, “I’m trying to get our team to win every night. Hajek made our team out of training camp, he’s one of eight defensemen. It’s tough on the guy, but he comes to work every day. He’s in the NHL, a good player, works hard, but we like our core group that we put out every night. That is the issue with it and, knock on wood, we haven’t had any injuries where we have to worry about that, but he’s done everything we’ve asked.”
  • How is he handling it mentally, “He’s handling it great as far as I know. We talk to the players and there are three guys that can’t play every night and it’s tough decisions, but that is what we get paid for as coaches. He’s a great kid, we talk to him all the time. Wait for your chance, if it comes, and go out there and play well.”