2021-22 Rangers Jeff Gorton

What Jeff Gorton said about Adam Fox’s new deal and Igor Shesterkin

7PM: On the NHL Network on Tuesday, former Rangers GM Jeff Gorton said the following about the Rangers:

  • Is Adam Fox worth his new contract, “absolutely. I think, it’s actually, people are going to laugh, a really good deal for the Rangers. It’s a lot of money and a lot of years, and people laugh, but I believe Adam Fox is their best player. He plays every situation, he’s so gifted with his hockey sense and thinking and deception, he doesn’t miss a shift, he can play all situations, people don’t know, he’s a really good penalty killer. He can play against the best players in the league with his brain and stick, really fun player to watch. As the GM of that team, sometimes you become a fan when a guy is that good and he has that kind of ability. I think it’s a really good deal for them and, I think, he did them a favor. In my opinion, as their best player, he could have asked for more and they got a really good deal.”

  • Do you really believe Fox is their best player, “I do. I think, he wins the Norris Trophy and that is a feather in his cap, he’s come back and been as good, if not better and I just think there is even more upside. This kid is gifted and nothing rattles him, he’s a perfect Ranger. I know he isn’t 6-4, but he plays it and he’s sneaky tough, mentally tough, everybody wants to play with him. He is so smart, there are stories over the years, guys forecheck him, Sidney Crosby, some of the best players in the league come at this guy and he shakes them off. I swear, Sid looks back at him and says ‘who is this kid?’ That was his rookie year and now he knows who he is and everybody knows who he is and $9.5 million is a lot of money and a really good investment by the Rangers.”
  • Do you think they should have gone eight years, “Yea….I think that Matt Keator is a pretty smart guy, too, and he knows that if he can be UFA one year less…with his hockey sense, his ability, I’m gonna get another deal here, make more money. The cap could be, we don’t know, but it’s not going to be $81 million. He’s going to be a pretty decorated player in eight years.”
  • On Igor Shesterkin, “You think about Shesterkin. All those years with Henrik in practice, I used to be stunned when the players would celebrate when they scored on Henrik in practice, that is how good he was, that is how tight he kept it and Shesty is now the same.”
  • Did he pick that up from Lundqvist, “It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a guy like Henrik. I think the thing that Henrik gave him the most is, if you look down at the other end of the ice and say that you want his net and watch how hard he works, how every single day in practice, Henrik never took a day off. Not every goalie in the NHL has that kind of work ethic. Henrik’s work ethic is at the very top and I believe that when Shesterkin came over here and he looked down at the other end of the ice he said ‘whoa, this is a serious guy, he’s already won almost everything you can win over here, he’s won Olympic Gold, Vezina’s, he’s a special goalie. he’s been here a long time and he’s still doing that, I better keep up.”