2021-22 Rangers

Libor Hajek sent to Hartford on conditioning stint

The Rangers have sent Libor Hajek to Hartford on a conditioning stint.

Hajek does not have to pass through waivers since this is a conditioning stint.

Conditioning stints last two weeks and then Hajek will return to the Rangers.


He has not played in a game this season.

Gerard Gallant was asked about Hajek last week and said:

  • Do you have to get Libor Hajek a game, “I’m trying to get our team to win every night. Hajek made our team out of training camp, he’s one of eight defensemen. It’s tough on the guy, but he comes to work every day. He’s in the NHL, a good player, works hard, but we like our core group that we put out every night. That is the issue with it and, knock on wood, we haven’t had any injuries where we have to worry about that, but he’s done everything we’ve asked.”
  • How is he handling it mentally, “He’s handling it great as far as I know. We talk to the players and there are three guys that can’t play every night and it’s tough decisions, but that is what we get paid for as coaches. He’s a great kid, we talk to him all the time. Wait for your chance, if it comes, and go out there and play well.”