2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said on Friday

Filip Chytil did not skate at practice today. (NYR)

Gerard Gallant spoke after practice on Friday and said (NYR):

  • Will Chytil play tomorrow, “Probably not, but he skated for half an hour before we got on the ice, so that was good.”
  • Will he come to Columbus, “I’m not sure, I gotta find out. I don’t think he is, but I gotta find out.”


  • On the team needing to execute better rather than making lineup changes, “100%. You got 23-players on your roster and sometimes you put 1-2 guys in and out of your lineup. It’s all about the team, not about individual players or lines. It’s not about that at all.”
  • You don’t feel the need to change the line combos, “we made a lot more changes already this year than I want. Hopefully we can stay healthy and get a little traction going. I like to roll lines over and keep them the same, but we’ve had some different scenarios and the lines have been changed more than I like.”
  • Did you discuss calling anybody up, “We are discussing that, it’s an ongoing thing with Dru and myself and the staff and we will see where we are at, but we were happy with the lineup last game.”
  • Was having practice time this week important, “we’ll find out on the weekend, but no, seriously, I think it’s great. I was tired, it’s been a long first three and a half weeks for our team, we played a lot of road games, a lot of travel. It was nice to get that day off, but these three practice days, the guys seem really refreshed out there and a little bit more jump. Hopefully it’s more beneficial, I know it’s beneficial, whether it’s this weekend or the long run. It was good to do some different system stuff and get some things squared away.”
  • On keeping things the same, “definitely, you want to keep doing the things you are doing, doing them a little bit better, executing a little bit better, that is what it is about at this time of year. Our record is pretty good, but we can still play a lot better, we know that.”
  • Do you like the three in four after this time off, “it’s an Olympic year, you got a lot of three in fours, it’s part of every team’s makeup this year, we had a good break, a nice little break and now it’s getting back to playing, I think it’s 6 in 9 or 6 in 10 in the next little while. Let’s get ready for that.”
  • On Columbus, “real good team, they are a depth team, hard working team. I think we beat them 4-0 last time we played them, but it wasn’t a 4-0 game, they could have gone up early on us in that game, it probably should have been 2-0 them early in the game, we made some good plays, we played a good solid game, but it definitely wasn’t a 4-0 game and they’ve got some young talent that work real hard.”
  • Do you try not to overuse guys because of the three in four nights, “not at all. One game at a time.”