2021-22 Rangers

Updates from the Rangers on Thursday

8:30PM: Gerard Gallant spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • Any update on Chytil, “nothing new. We were hoping he was going to skate today, he skated on his own, still day to day.”
  • Was today his first day on the ice, “I’m not positive about that, he might have skated yesterday, I’m not sure.”

  • What kind of confidence does Shesterkin bring, “He’s huge. Any team you ask with a great goaltender, the way he’s played the first 10-11 games, he’s been outstanding, strong and real confident. I’m very confident that when the goaltender goes in for us we feel very confident and a good chance to win a hockey game. They’ve been great for us, I’m really happy with the way he’s played.”
  • Does the group want to do more to help him out, “by giving him shots (laugh). It’s been talked about a lot, it hasn’t been perfect, we’re trying to get better. We can’t keep giving up 40 shots, we know that. We have to get better and that is what we are working on this week.”
  • Why are you giving up so many slot shots, “we’re not defending well enough. We are not defending in the d-zone well enough.”
  • Is that just the defenseman, “that is the total group. Sometimes the defensemen, sometimes forward, sometimes winger. Total group.”
  • What is the message to the forwards on playing a two-way game, “this is a team thing, totally. If it happened one game…we’ve had some trouble defending, there is no doubt about that. We’re trying to make it better, we are talking about covering the slot better, doing little things better, but it’s 13 games in, hopefully we are going to get better. We are battling with it, we know there is an issue there, we are fortunate to be 7-3-3, we all know that, but we are still 7-3-3 and we gotta get better and hopefully that is going to happen. The players are aware of what is going on, they want to be better and create more scoring chances than they are giving up. It’s going to catch up to you sooner or later if we don’t get better and we will get better.”
  • Does Panarin need to shoot more, “definitely. When he is jumping and got pucks going to the net. If you don’t start putting pucks to the net then those seam passes don’t work and I thought last game he was really good and a lot of our guys are doing better things. Still, we didn’t have a bunch of shots against Florida, but we had some great scoring chances and opportunities and we just have to keep building on what we are doing well and defending a little bit better.”
  • On Trouba as a leader, “he’s been awesome, outstanding. Nothing that has surprised me. He’s been a standup guy. What I like about his leadership is that he does it on the ice, 7PM comes, he’s ready to play and battle and he does that every night. Some days he might not be the best guy out there in practice, but what is important is that he shows up for every game and plays his hardest and gives 100% every time on the ice.”
  • Have you learned anything 13 games in, “I learned something, definitely. There is some real good character here, I think some of the guys I’m getting to know real well. It’s two months that I’ve been around them, I like our group, I really like our group and think we can go to the next level with this group. It’s just a bunch of character guys that I didn’t know.”
  • Do you need to tell Panarin to shoot more, “not with him personally, but with the team, I mention it every second minute, but they are skill players and they make their choices and when they come back to the bench and look at the ipad they say they probably should have shot. It’s habits and you try to get rid of some of those habits, but as soon I say it they make one of those tic-tac plays and they score in the back of the net. That is what you are fighting sometimes.”

1PM: The lines being used today at Rangers practice are (Stephenson):


  • Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, Sammy Blais
  • Artemi Panarin, Ryan Strome, Kaapo Kakko
  • Alexis Lafreniere, Barclay Goodrow, Julien Gauthier
  • Dryden Hunt, Kevin Rooney, Ryan Reaves

Filip Chytil did not skate today at practice. (NYR)