2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said on Wednesday

Jacob Trouba did not skate today with what the team called a maintenance day. (NYR)

Gerard Gallant spoke after practice and said (NYR):

  • Is tomorrow a measuring stick game, “Well, I’m not going to gauge our team on one game, it’s an 82-game schedule, but we are playing well, I like the way we played the last three games, especially, we’re piling up some wins, but we’re playing the right way. I like the way things are going, our team looks like more of a team than one or two lines going, everybody played well last night and contributed, and when good teams are made that is what happens. We are starting to see a little bit of that right now with our group.”


  • What are the challenges playing Toronto, “well I’m sure Sheldon Keefe is saying the same thing in Toronto, their top stars are really good and talented and you gotta make sure that you take them away, but it’s about 20 guys on your roster. We worry about Matthews and Marner and all their top and skill players and their PP is so good. We just gotta go in and play our game and worry about playing our game the right way like we have in the past.”
  • On getting goals throughout the lineup, “we had a tough start and a lot of guys were scoring all the goals for us, but now it seems to be more balanced with our team and that is what you need. To be a successful team long-term you need to have balanced scoring and we are getting some of that recently and when you envision our team that is what we are all about. It’s not about one line or two lines, it’s about balance throughout your lineup.”
  • On Kreider’s start, “he shoots the puck, skates, he has all the tools and things are going well. He’s playing with good hockey players, he’s near the top in PP goals in the NHL if, he isn’t at the top, and he’s just doing the right things. He comes to the rink and goes and plays and has fun. If he keeps doing that he will have a great season, obviously, but now he’s skating and shooting the puck and he’s playing with a lot of confidence.”
  • On Filip Chytil’s progression, “He’s been really good and really strong lately. That injury sort of set him back, but last night he was around the puck and could have had 2-3 goals, Guathier scored a real good goal on that line. He’s a young player that has the potential to go higher. We like what we see, last night, with that supposedly third line, that we call it, if they can play like that every night we are going to have success because they played really well and Fil has been good. He’s a big kid, growing into his body and I like what I’ve seen from him.”
  • Is Chytil eager to learn and get better, “He’s so quiet, he doesn’t say much to me. He knows Marc Ciaccio, he’s been around him a lot and I think he’s one of those guys that you see doing extra drills after practice, he’s always on the ice, he wants to get better and be a top-end center and we see that with our young guys, they are all going to be top players, whether it’s now or in the future, we’ve got some good top-end players ahead of them and I think right now, the way it’s going, they are filling in, playing some PP time, a little bit of PK time, some of them, I think it’s a great situation for all of those kids.”
  • What are you looking for from the Chytil line, “it’s the same thing, we talk about our team, it’s about turnovers in the middle of the ice. When we limit them…earlier in the year they were making a lot of them and some guys got sat out for certain games for making those turnovers in the middle of the ice and not playing good in the d-zone. Last night, the couple of games before, I thought they did a real good managing the puck and doing the little things and that is what I’m happy about most. It’s not just about scoring and getting chances, it’s about playing the game the right way and that is what we are seeing from them right now.”
  • Is it about forechecking and staying on top of people, “that is where it starts. Perfect example is the goal last night, Fil didn’t give up, he forced a guy to turn the puck over and Gauthier makes a great goal. It’s about coming back and working hard, you like to see when your team is working hard without the puck because they are always working hard with the puck, it’s about when you lose the puck and I was really impressed to see some of the stuff we did last night, especially on that goal.”
  • On the best defense being having the puck, “100%. We can’t spend as much time as we did earlier in the season in the d-zone, you get tired out, worn out and then you have nothing in the offensive zone. Guys like to play in the 0-zone and we can spend more time in there like we have the last 3-4 games it’s going to benefit our team for sure.”
  • On Lundkvist or Tinordi, “we look at the teams we are playing against and certain situations. Obviously, you want to get the kid on a little bit of a roll, he hasn’t played in the NHL and Tinordi has been great, he does his job every time he goes in for us. You’ve sort of got your six, but, again, when you play different teams, Tinordi is going to play those games. It’s not that Tinordi hasn’t played well, it’s just that our six are rolling pretty good right now. I’d say it’s more of a game-to-game thing right now.”
  • On Lundkvist’s progression, “It’s steady, nothing real flashy out there. You talk about him being a talented PP guy, well Foxy is out there for a good part of the PP and he doesn’t get a whole lot of looks out there, but he moves the puck well, has a lot of skill, a good hockey IQ, so he’s everything we thought he is, he just doesn’t get that regular time. It’s the same thing with the second unit PP, they don’t get a whole lot of time on the ice because the skill guys are there and that is what we are going with right now.”
  • Is the NHL the best place for Lundkvist, “yep, he’s played well. It’s not like he can’t defend, he’s learning the defensive game over here. We are real happy with where he is at.”
  • Are you seeing defensive progress from him, “he’s never going to be a physical player and that is not what we want. He’s a Foxy-type player, not at that level, obviously, but he just got over here, he’s skilled, talented, makes good breakout passes. He’s doing everything we want. He’s young, it takes time and it’s his first year in the league, so we are happy as hell with him.”