2021-22 Rangers Ryan Lindgren

What Ryan Lindgren said on NHL Network

Ryan Lindgren was on NHL Network on Monday night and said:

  • On the winner last night, “obviously time was winding down at the end and I looked up at the clock and saw that it was under five seconds, so I thought I could sneak in there and Foxy had the same idea, too. The puck squirted out to him and he hit Mika and, obviously, a great pass by Mika. It was a lot of fun and great plays all around.”

  • Was there a bigger reaction because you aren’t a goal scorer, “Yea, definitely. I think guys were happy for me. I’m not a guy that scores a ton of goals, so to get one late in a game like that and help the team win was definitely really cool.”
  • What has changed lately, “It just seems like, especially the last 4-5 games we are playing really good hockey, especially in the d-zone. We are starting to limit chances a little more and take care of the puck a little better. It took us a couple of games to figure it out, but it seems like we are going in the right direction right now.”
  • On his pairing with Adam Fox, “It’s just so easy playing with Foxy. Guys ask me that a lot, what is it like playing with him and it just couldn’t be easier. He’s always making the right plays, always in the right spots, obviously everyone sees how good he is offensively and how talented he is, the way he competes and how hard he is to play against defensively is something that maybe isn’t talked about as much, but he has everything and it’s a lot of fun playing with him.”
  • What is it like under Gerard Gallant, “It’s been awesome, really enjoyed it. He’s a really easy guy to talk to, a guy you can go up to and joke around with and obviously he has had so much success in the league, too. He is very smart and obviously knows what he is talking about and you can tell how much he loves to win and how passionate he is. I can say for everyone on our team that we really enjoy playing for him so far.”
  • On his beard, “There is not a whole lot of process, just letting it go for a while. Some people like it, some don’t. My parents do not like it all, I just thought that I’d give it a try this year and see how it goes. I think I’ll keep it going for a little big longer.”
  • How much longer, “I’ve been telling people the whole rest of year I’m going to keep it going, so we will see.”
  • On the difference between NYC and Edina, Minnesota, “They are a lot different, the biggest thing that jumped out to me was the driving. When I first got out here, just how much traffic there is and it seems like people here don’t let you in as much as they do in Minnesota, but I love it here, I love it back in Minnesota. They are a lot different, but I really enjoy my time here and especially the fans and how passionate they are. It’s been a lot of fun.”