2021-22 Rangers Alexis Lafreniere

What Alexis Lafreniere said on Toronto radio today

Alexis Lafreniere was on Leafs Lunch on TSN 1050 today and said:

  • Lafreniere is allergic to peanuts
  • On the vibe after last night’s game, “it was pretty fun, to be honest. We were all expecting to go to overtime, obviously, and then they made a quick play and we scored. It was pretty fun and the building was really into it, it was a nice ending for sure.”

  • What was your welcome to the NHL moment, “I’d probably say my first time I played against Crosby, obviously it was pretty special, growing up and watching him a lot, being on the ice with him, it was probably the time I realized I was in the NHL. It was really special and a great moment for me.”
  • How nice has been to travel around and have a regular schedule, “it’s been really fun to be on the road with the team and stuff like going out to dinner with the boys and playing in different buildings with the crowds. It’s different than last year for sure, but it’s really fun this year.”
  • Who on the Rangers has helped you adjust to the NHL, “A group of leaders here have really helped me, Kreider, Zibanejad, Strome, guys like that have really been huge for me and helping me a lot and I try to follow their lead a little bit and see what they are doing on a daily basis to be a pro. It’s a lot of learning for me and it’s fun to have them by my side.”
  • What has been the reason for success this season, “We are playing as a team and added some grit pieces this summer and they are really helping us. We have a lot of different players, skilled, physical, players that work really hard. It’s a really good for us to have that mix and we are going to keep playing as a team and getting better.”