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What Jacob Trouba, Chris Drury and Gerard Gallant said on Tuesday

6:31 PM: Gerard Gallant spoke on MSG after the press conference and said:

  • Does his leadership style remind you of anyone, “That’s a tough one. He reminds me of an Adam Foote kind of guy, competitive guy, hard working guy, played hard every shift. That type of guy, I coached Adam a little bit in Columbus, those same type of qualities, as a defenseman also. Another guy is Luke Richardson, a captain of mine in Columbus also, character, leadership, plays the game hard every night and prepares himself to play every game.”

  • How did he impact Miller and Schneider, “100%, those two kids come a long way with Jacob’s support and when you get leadership and qualities like that and that is what Jacob is, he doesn’t just care about himself getting ready, he’s a leader on our team and he really helped those two kids, especially getting prepared to play every night and that is what’s most important, to get ready to play the game every night. Sometimes you are going to have tough nights, but you gotta shake that off and I think Jacob really helped those two kids, definitely.”

6:16 PM: Drury spoke on MSG after the press conference and said:


  • Why Trouba, “He does everything the right way, the way he prepares, comes to the rink early, stays late, he’s one of our hardest working players. Obviously he’s a terrific defenseman, he touches, for me, all the boxes, leads by example, is great with young players, veteran players, he’s got a good rapport with coaches and management, we think he’s a great choice.”

  • What stands out about Trouba, “I think that as it’s evolved here that last couple of years and anyone that’s been around our team has seen how he performs and plays night in and out, his physicality, the offense he’s able to provide and chip in is great, but he’s really a leader back there of our D-corps, has been for a while and we are thrilled to have him and excited he’s our captain.”
  • Why is it important to have a Captain, “We are fortunate to have so many great leaders. Last year we went with 6 A’s and just in the last couple of seasons we were able to identify Jacob as the guy in that group and know he has great support behind him with all the veteran leaders we have here.”
  • Was it imperative to get this out of the way now to avoid any distraction, “that is exactly why. I did get asked some questions about why August 9th, for me, I wanted Jacob to have it as soon as our decision was made and wanted him to be able to have it the rest of August and into camp and not have any distractions leading up to camp, close to camp or during camp.”
  • What will be the most important thing to keep the vibe going from last year, “Just like we did last year, you gotta put in the time, effort and energy into it in training camp. That is how they got to that point last year, that no-quit mentality right from our first road trip in Ottawa where Goodrow spawned the no-quit moniker. It doesn’t just happen, you gotta work at it and come prepares and be ready to play and ready to start on opening night.”

5:58 PM: Trouba spoke on MSG after the press conference and said:

  • How do you define being a Captain, “I think it’s all about relationships and trust and humility, genuine care for your teammates and the people in the organization and locker room and that is really what I think makes a good leader. Someone that people can follow on the ice, off the ice and we have lots of good leaders and everyone will continue to need to do their job.”

  • What was the message during the meeting that you called after losing Game 4 to Pittsburgh, “I just felt that it was such a bad loss and we kind of beat ourselves up a bit and within a playoff series  you don’t have the time to do it and honestly, when the game is over it doesn”t matter if you lose 1-0 or 8-1 or whatever the score was. That game is over and you gotta move on to the next game. It was more of just talking and trying to hit the reset button and I thought we were all on the same page of ‘look, we can go home and win Game 5 and come back here and figure out a way to win Game 6. If we do that no one can tell you what is going to happen in a Game 7 and lucky, well I don’t know if I’ll say lucky, fortunate for us that is how it unfolded and Bread had a pretty nice OT winner and a pretty good memory for all of us.”
  • Where do you think you were most helpful in helping K’Andre Miller and Braden Schneider develop, “When I kind of went on this journey to take on wanting to take on this role I wanted to start with the D and build my relationship with the defensemen and show that I care about them and want to help them and that was something I was fortunate to have when I was a young player. Zach Bogosian opened his home to me my first year and we are still best friends, but guys don’t have to do that. I was talking to him yesterday and he didn’t have to do that for me and look out for me my first year and even past the first year. Just having those guys because it’s a big adjustment and big change in not just hockey but life, off the ice and lifestyle and all of that and it’s not easy for everyone and it takes some guys more time than others and just knowing they have someone they can lean on and actually care about them and want the best for them in their career, I think is something that was huge for me and I want to provide that for all of them.”
  • When do you start to fantasize about getting the Stanley Cup from the Commissioner, “I think that is something we’ll think about when the opportunity gets closer and hopefully that is close. I’ve got no answer for you right now.”

5:07 PM: Jacob Trouba, Chris Drury and Gerard Gallant held a press conference today to introduce Jacob Trouba as the next Captain of the Rangers.

Drury: “Anyone who has been around our team for the last few seasons certainly understands the impact that Jacob has had on our group, day-to-day, day-in-day-out, on and off the ice, gamedays or practice days. He’s a terrific leader and we think he’ll be a great Ranger captain for years to come.”

Trouba: “I just want to thank Mr. Dolan, Turk and Dru for trusting me with this honor. It’s a privilege to be a Ranger and play in the City and definitely don’t take it for granted to call this City home and build my life here. It’s a place that means a lot to me and I believe in this group and players we have and grateful for the opportunity and look forward to leading this team.

What went into the decision to name a Captain now, Drury: “It was just the right time. As a lot of our players have said publicly the last couple days, Jacob was basically doing the job for at least a couple of seasons. We just felt like it was appropriate and now is the time. We’re excited to see the ‘C’ on him, that’s for sure.”

Who were your leadership influences, Trouba: “One the main people who I stay in touch with a decent amount is Andrew Ladd from when I first started. I was someone that he looked after and am grateful that he looked after me and he was a great Captain and leader and I’m good friends with Blake Wheeler, those were the two of my big leaders coming up in the league and a lot of people have been mentors to me over the years. Adam Foote is someone that I’ve worked with a lot and talked to a lot, he had a big impact on me growing as a person, player and leader.”

How do you think the dynamics will change in the leadership group, Trouba: “I don’t intend on much changing in that sense. We had our group of core leaders and if anybody had an issue or wanting to talk about something we would meet and call a meeting and discuss how we wanted to address it and that is going to have to continue going forward. All of our leadership group has different strengths and qualities, different relationships with different players and people and we use each other as well as we can to navigate through every situation.

Gallant: “He said it the exact way as I thought. When we had our group together last year and we talked about it from day one that it’s going to be about 23-guys and obviously we had a core leadership group of veterans and that is the exact way I envision things will happen with Troubs, nothing is going to change, he’s going to be our Captain, our leader, but we got a good leadership group here and that is what is what our team is going to be all about.”

What was the motivation for naming a Captain after saying all of last year that you didn’t need one, Gallant: “for me, I didn’t know our team last year. I didn’t know our players, I was coming in as a first year coach. Chris was here as an assistant GM and knew the players better than I did, but to be fair to everybody, I didn’t have a Captain in Vegas, and we talked about that. I thought the best scenario worked out real good. I had 102 games with my players, Troubas played 101 of those games and you get to know your team over the year and it evolved to the situation where we had a great group last year, a great season, leadership was outstanding and we made a decision as management and organization and players and Jacob was a big part of our leadership group last year. I think a lot of the players mentioned in their tweets that Jacob was our Captain last year without wearing a “C” we got to the point where we are real comfortable and he’s a great leader for us.”

Do you feel that a team needs a Captain to take the next step, Drury: “I think that we obviously have a lot of great leaders and we’ve touched on that for a long time and will continue to have a lot of great leaders and they will only help Jacob in his new role and we’ve had guys that have won and been around for a while, good mix of some terrific young players as well. As far as taking the next step, we just felt it was time, in the evolution of this team and organization. It’s been a while and I know that Jacob will do a great job as Captain and push us toward our ultimate goal of winning a Cup.”

Did you ever think about wanting to be the Captain, Trouba: “It’s definitely something I’ve thought about for a long time, going back to being a kid. I think there was a journal I wrote in when I was a kid and that was one of the things I in there. I’ve got to go find it in my bedroom, but it’s definitely something that, when I got here, to me Hank was the captain, I think everyone felt that. When Hank moved on, that’s a role that needed to be filled. It’s something I wanted to do and felt I could do. I want to be a big part of this team, and this is a way I can contribute.”

How did you find out, Trouba: “(Motioning toward Drury) He told me and I didn’t really have much to say. I told him I had goosebumps and me and my wife laughed about that after because I didn’t know what to say. They told me and I was pretty excited.”

Did you feel like you were the Captain last year, just without the “C,” Trouba: “Yea, I wanted to feel that way, I guess I wanted my teammates to feel that way, I want to be approachable, someone that people can lean on and I think we have other great leaders in the room and everybody did their part. I wanted to take a leadership role with this team.”

Have your or will you reach out to any former Captains, Trouba: “Messier sent me a text, which is pretty cool. I’ve talked with him a couple of times in the past, but it was pretty cool to get a text from him. Dru never texts me (laugh).”

How is it gonna work with some of your teammates that have been on the team longer, Drury: “I’ve talked to all of them on the phone already and basically told them that I don’t really want anything to change and don’t have intentions, with how things were run last year with meeting with our core group and we all have different abilities and different strengths and that is what I reiterated to them. I don’t want you guys to act any different or view me differently. I just want to be another leader on this team and I have the privilege of being the captain, but everybody has to do their job. They are still as equally as important in their roles.”

What ultimately sets Trouba apart, Gallant: “I said he played 101 games last year for us and he prepares himself, he treats…the young players, he took under his wing and helped them be better players. He just looked like a leader, he looked like a character guy and a leader. He played his game every night and it didn’t affect him. Last year, like I said, we talked about it all the time; we didn’t discuss it one day and forget about it. We talked about it during the season, we talked about it during the offseason and we just think that now is the right time and the biggest thing was me feeling very comfortable. The last thing I wanted to do was pick a captain last year and not know or be sure and this year we’re trading him or something like that. We feel real comfortable with the guy we’ve got. He’s a character person, I think his teammates really love him and he comes and shows up every night. Your captain doesn’t have to be your best player, but he has to be a guy that shows up and helps his teammates the most, and I think he does that for us….. and he is a good player.” (Laugh)

How does this change you, Trouba: “That is something I thought a fair bit about and there are two times I can look back in my career, my second year I thought I was going to be some different player and I struggled that year and coming here, with the contract and getting traded and all that, I was trying to be someone that I wasn’t, I think, and struggled that year. Going into this, when I’m at my best is when I’m myself and I’m not going to change who I am. The reason all this happened was because I was myself and true to myself and I intend on being the same person.”

Gallant: “And he’s not going to get a different seat on the airplane, he’s gonna sit in the same seat, the meal room is the same seat, nothing is changing there.” (laugh)

How have you seen Trouba evolve, Drury: “Just everyday he brings something to the group and everyone sees the K’Andre relationship and what he does with him because they’re partners, but there is so many things that go into leadership that I don’t see, that you guys don’t see, that fans don’t see, that are behind the scenes that I hear about,  that he doesn’t even tell me about. I just think that as he’s grown and evolved as a person and player and leader, to me he is the perfect choice.”

What is your mentality of how the team takes the next step after last season, Trouba: “Obviously I’m excited and thrilled and it’s not something that is handed out lightly, but I’m not really looking to change or reinvent myself. There is a fine line in growing as a person and a leader and hockey player and trying to be someone you’re not. I want to keep growing and growing happens organically and you can’t really rush or force it. I read books, talk to people, try to improve leadership skills just as I try to improve hockey skills. Just be true to myself and be myself.”