2023 New York Rangers Playoffs

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss in Game 4

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss in Game 4 and said (MSG):

  • Did you feel that there wasn’t enough desperation to get where they needed to be on the ice, “I agree 100%. Very disappointing.”
  • What is your assessment on the overall effort, “not good, not even close to good enough.”
  • Was it surprising that you didn’t get as many pucks and bodies to the net as you wanted, “(laugh) Well, it definitely wasn’t good enough, we’ve seen that. It was better the last game. We asked for something and sometimes when you ask it doesn’t happen, but it was real disappointing to watch that.”

  • On needing to play like Games 1 and 2, “They were perfect games and we said that and talked about that. We come home, big crowd and…the overtime game was a good hockey game, could have went either way, but tonight was a close hockey game, but we didn’t show up, we didn’t play hard enough, didn’t compete hard enough. All we did was yap at the linesman for getting thrown out of the faceoffs. A lot of bad things tonight.”
  • On the second NJ goal, “on the rush, we left too much of a gap there, but they made a good play and made a good shot, it wasn’t a bad goal, it was a great shot off the post, but the rush shouldn’t have happened like that.”
  • Are you talking about working harder offensively, “offensively not competing and doing the right things and the neutral zone, too. The first two games we chipped some pucks and got the pressure coming across, tonight our weakside winger was a little bit lazy, stayed on the other side of the ice and watched the play instead of supporting it and how many times did you see us whipping pucks across and them picking them off in the middle. Just the old… that when you look like your tired or a little bit lazy that is what happens. We didn’t have the support in the neutral zone like we usually do.”
  • On switching Zibanejad and Trocheck, “trying to get something going, wake something up.”
  • Did you see the desperation after the Devils went up 2-1, “Didn’t see it, didn’t see it.”
  • On the PP, “that was the only time that they really competed, I thought. Not all the time, on loose pucks we lost those battles, but when we had a chance to move it around and get some shots I thought we did a decent job with that, but again, all the loose puck battles and reaching with hands instead of bumping people, we didn’t show up well enough to win a hockey game. Even though it was close we didn’t show up well enough to win.”
  • Is it tough that your top guys weren’t the ones leading the way, “That was the difference, yep, definitely.”