Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider skating at the Rangers morning skate

3/11/20 | Joe Micheletti said on MSG that Kreider was skating in full uniform this morning.

3/10/20 | 7:38PM: David Quinn spoke before the game and said (NYR):

  • On Kreider, “Still very precautionary. If you see him…he’s not coming back tomorrow night, for sure. He’s making progress.”
  • Is he where you expected, “yea, maybe a little ahead of but there is no timeline, you never know with this type of situation. It’s about how you feel daily and how quickly you can heal.”
  • Did he just want to see how it felt to skate, “Yea. When you have a lower body injury in your foot you feel differently in a skate than you do in a sneaker or shoe. I think he wanted to figure out how it would feel.”
  • How did it feel, “I’ll be honest, I haven’t asked him. He’s not in the lineup tonight so I don’t even talk to him.” (Laughs)

12:41PM: Chris Kreider, in sweatshirt and sweatpants, is skating during the Rangers optional morning skate in Dallas. (NYR)


Kreider was seen taking shots on Henrik Lundqvist and skating with skills coach Mark Ciaccio.

David Quinn said on Monday that Kreider is “coming along, coming along and making good progress. He’s walking with less than a limp so that is a good sign.”

Jeff Gorton said last week that the prognosis for Kreider’s fractured foot was likely to be 4-6 weeks.