2020-21 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to the Pens

David Quinn met with the media on MSG and said:

  • On Filip Chytil, “evaluated tomorrow, we will know a lot more tomorrow..”
  • On playing well but not winning, “you gotta find ways to win. We can talk about some of the good things we did, the chances in the third, but you gotta win hockey games, you have to find a way to win. A guy can’t get a shot from that area with 1:30 to go, you have to have urgency, know who is dangerous. Just really disappointing, to come in here and play some good hockey and come away with one point is really disappointing.”

  • On not shooting enough, “In the second for sure, I didn’t like our second period at all. We were too high risk, disrespectful to the game, it was just inevitable that they were going to score, which is really selling out for offense at all costs. In the third we got back to what we needed to do, played a much smarter period. First period was okay, you are up 1-0 and feel good, but I thought we were really sloppy for about 12-minutes in the second period and you could just sense it, I knew they were going to get one, you could sense the way the game was being played, the risks were were taking selling out for offense. The good sign is that we kind of pull it together the last five minutes of the second and I thought had a good third period.”
  • On the veterans, “our veterans know they gotta to be better, there is no doubt about it. We’ve talked to them privately, they’ve admitted it, they know it. The good news is that these are guys that are established players in this league and good players and the good news is that our young players continue to develop and they are playing good hockey against real good players. It’s early, but it’s disappointing that we sit here with the record we have, feeling like we’ve played pretty well and maybe deserve a little better, but at the end of the day you get what you get and you get what you deserve and we’ve gotta find a way to get through this.”
  • On Shesterkin and the goals, “the third period is a tough period because they didn’t have a lot of chances. The second one kind of deflects off Tony and maybe surprised him, the third one, it is a screen but I’m sure he’d like to have it back. We are talking about an elite goalie. I haven’t talked to him or looked at it, but I’m sure he’s frustrated.”
  • On not having a safety net with Hank, “it’s funny you say that, I remember having a long conversation with Hank down in Carolina last year in February, he hadn’t played a lot and we were just talking about the situation and then we start talking about our team and the young goaltending and that is exactly what he touched on. Now that you are staring the job in the face, it is a different feeling. That being said, these two guys to me, they play with swagger, they play with confidence, it’s early, I know we are going to get really good goaltending.”
  • What has Chytil shown you this season, “Just a real maturity, growth. The first two-years we were here together, he was, I don’t want to say happy to be here, but kind of feeling his way. The thing I really like is he knows he belongs, he’s ready to take an important role on this team, showing more emotion, a different swagger to him that we haven’t seen. Disappointing what happened tonight, but we will see what the end result is tomorrow.”