2020-21 Rangers

Filip Chytil OUT tomorrow, Alex Georgiev in net

3:46PM: David Quinn met with the media after practice today and said (NYR):

  • On Chytil, “Fil is back in NY seeing the doctor so he will be out for tomorrow. We will have a lot more after he sees the doctor tomorrow.”
  • On the first five games, “It’s’ frustrating because I think we have done a lot of good things, but doing a lot of good things doesn’t equate to winning. Winning takes timely plays and understanding situations and we have been just off. Statistically, you look at all the chances, Grade A’s, chances against, shot totals, statistically it looks like we should have a much better record, but we don’t. That is what winning and losing is all about, that is why statistics can sometimes be misleading, you’ve got to do things timely, when to make the right play at the right time, situational hockey is so important and I just think we are a little off in that area.”

  • How does Chytil not being there impact the lines, “we are talking about doing a lot of different things, we will see tomorrow what it will look like but it will look different, obviously, without Fil.”
  • On where the team is at after five games, “it’s five games and if we have built a little foundation here and will continue to do the things we have done well and have people who have been off to slow starts find their game, guys that have historically played better than they have to this point, I really like our future and chances moving forward. That is the silver lining from my end of it, we’ve created a little bit of an identity in five games, done a real good job of staying on top of people, not giving up the crazy chances we had. Some guys that we weren’t sure who they were going to play are playing well. When everything falls into place and the guys who have been here a while and the veterans find their game and get back to the way they’ve been playing and we continue to do the things we are doing, we think we will be in good shape.”
  • On Libor Hajek’s path, “it is challenging we do talk about getting those guys in, it’s five games into it and we have to find ways to keep these guys sharp and in great shape. We love Libor, I think very highly of Libor. They are here, under these unique circumstances they can stay here and get in games when need be and I’m sure at some point they will get in.”
  • On losing Chytil, “If we do lose him for any extended time it will be a blow. Every team is suffering with injuries and we are no different, that is pro spots, the NHL and we have to have guys pick up the slack if he is out for an extended period of time.”
  • Who is starting tomorrow, “Igor, I talked to him today, he was frustrated, you could see he was a little dejected after the last two games, but it’s a long season and the circumstances are a little different than last year and he is adapting to that, as is Georgie. Georgie will play tomorrow, it’s give games into it, those guys certainly want to play better and I’m very confident they will.”

1:38PM: Filip Chytil has returned to New York to be evaluated by the Rangers team doctors and he will miss Tuesday’s game against the Sabres. (NYR)


Chytil had a collision in the second period last night, played one more shift but did not play the rest of the game.

The Rangers play Tuesday and Thursday in Buffalo and then return to MSG on Saturday to play Pittsburgh.

Alex Georgiev is in net against Buffalo. (NYR)