Tony DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo is willing to be loaned to any AHL team

3/2/21 | 6:27PM: According to Frank Seravalli of TSN, Tony DeAngelo has expressed interest in being loaned to any AHL team.

Seravalli said that DeAngelo has been skating on his own for the last month and that “the Rangers are interested in facilitating that, but it would take someone else stepping up to do so, because the Rangers have let him know that he is not welcome in Hartford and the ties have been cut with the entire Rangers organization.” (TSN)

It was said in early February that there was “a ton” of interest in DeAngelo, but that teams reportedly backed away after backlash from their fans.


DeAngelo is technically on the Rangers taxi squad and still counts $3.725 million against the cap.

Adam Rotter: This seems like something that would make sense and allow a team to essentially try him out risk free. If DeAngelo is a match with the team he is loaned to then maybe there is a deal to be made, if not, that team could end the loan and the Rangers and DeAngelo would just be put back in the situation they are currently in. This would also soften the blow if the team he is loaned to ends up acquiring him. While this loan and/or a trade is still possible before the 4/12 deadline, a buyout of 1/3 of his salary in the offseason still might be how this whole thing ends.