2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Calgary

Gerard Gallant spoke after the Rangers loss to Calgary and said (NYR, MSG):

  • On Reaves, “he’s doing fine, day to day, lower body. Don’t think it’s nothing too serious.”
  • On Reaves being on the bench but not playing, “he just wanted to sit on the bench and be part of the group. He missed almost all of the game, he had one shift. Most of the time you stay in the locker room, but he wanted to be on the bench and support the guys.”
  • Were you surprised that Reaves did that, “You don’t have to do it too often, but Reaves is a new teammate and he wanted to be there to support them and he was disappointed that he couldn’t play. Calgary is a big and physical team and you miss a body like him in the lineup, but that is what happens, injuries are part of the game.”
  • On Ryan Lindgren, “he was fine, he came back.”
  • Was it upper body or lower for Lindgren, “he’s fine….I think he blocked a shot. I’m not sure, to be honest with you, where, but I know the trainer came back and said he was fine, so it’s not even an issue for me. But I’m not sure where, honestly.””

  • Is the first game after a road trip difficult, “first period was. We just made so many bad turnovers trying to make cute plays instead of strong plays up the boards, it really cost us even though it was only 1-0 after the first. We made a lot of turnovers and Shesty had to be unbelievable that first period. I think that it really cost us the hockey game even though we got back in the third period and made it 2-1, but that first period was a tough one to watch.”
  • Turnovers were the biggest issue, “A major issue. We had the puck on our stick and I think they had 15 shots in the first period and 10 scoring chances in the slot area, the red zone area and a lot of them were us trying to make a play when there is no play to be made. They forecheck really hard and made us turn the puck over. They were the hungrier team in the first period, after that I thought we played better even though they got three late.”
  • Was fatigue a factor tonight, “I hope so. I don’t like making excuses, but I hope so. There is no doubt, I think we played the most games in the league and with all that travel, but I’m not making an excuse. If you want to write that, go ahead.”
  • On flipping Lafreniere and Gauthier, “I thought about it before the game, to be honest with you. Just different line combinations and I thought Gauthier played really well tonight. He made a few mistakes, but I thought he banged the body, skated, made some really good plays, just wanted to change things up a little bit.”
  • What does Gauthier add to Zibanejad and Kreider, “Again, I just wanted to shake it up a little bit. I thought he deserved more ice time, skating really well, made a couple of good plays, cross-crease plays, I think, to Blaizer, but I’m not sure. I liked how he played most of the game. He did make a couple of mistakes in the d-zone like a lot of our guys did, but I thought it was his best game for us. You want to reward a guy a little bit sometimes and I didn’t really like how our first period went. I want Laffy doing more.”
  • On the neutral zone issues, “For me, the biggest thing was the d-zone, we didn’t break out of the d-zone clean at all. The neutral zone wasn’t good either because we had to flip too many pucks in there, usually, we don’t want to be flipping pucks to the neutral zone, we want to flip pucks into their zone. I think the d-zone caused the neutral zone stuff also.”
  • On Strome, “He was fine. I can’t say anybody looked good, but he played, probably, a few more minutes than he had to, but we were chasing the game. I thought he was fine out there.”