2021-22 Rangers

Updates from the Rangers on Tuesday

Ryan Reaves is didn’t practice and is day to day with a lower body injury. (NYR)

Adam Fox, Ryan Lindgren and Mika Zibanejad also didn’t practice with what the team termed a “maintenance” day. (NYR)

The lines used at practice were (Stephenson):


  • Alexis Lafreniere, Greg McKegg, Chris Kreider
  • Artemi Panarin, Ryan Strome, Kaapo Kakko
  • Sammy Blais, Filip Chytil, Barclay Goodrow
  • Dryden Hunt, Kevin Rooney, Julien Gauthier

Gerard Gallant spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • Was there a message you wanted to deliver in the video session this morning, “definitely.”
  • Can you share it, “no, I’m not sharing it. That is why I wish they wouldn’t share it with you, but it’s no big deal, but I don’t want to share what I said to them. You know what the message was. I’m not going to tell you, but you know what the message was.”
  • Is there a reason you only show video sporadically, “you’ve gotta pick your spots, if you do it every day it’s not going to be effective. Last night was a perfect time to do it, I guess, even though you never want to do it, but last night….you’ve gotta show them negativity once in a while. I’m a big positive guy, keep pushing positive, positive, but there comes a time when you get a little bit loose. It’s always tough that first game after a road trip, you can talk about it all you want, we didn’t like what we saw in the first period and wanted to correct some mistakes and make sure that the mistakes are there, but the bottom line is that you’ve gotta prepare yourself to play, you have to be ready to play the games and we weren’t ready in that first period.”
  • On wanting more from Lafreniere, I’m glad Laffy took a little responsibility for that, because but he’s not alone. Like, I mean, there’s a lot of guys, you know, I coached against the Rangers for a few years. And you know, you come in here and you say thats a good team, that’s a good team on paper. It’s a skilled team, but gotta get gritter. You play  Calgary last night, they are a big heavy team in the Western Conference, you know how they play. And if you’re not gonna respond to the way they play a little bit, we’ll play like we did last night. It wasn’t good enough. That started the game pretty much, even though we got back in the game in the third period. That dictated the game and I just didn’t like we battled for pucks, the one-on-one battles, and we got to become a man’s team and that’s what we’re trying to do. It’s common, it’s getting better but you gotta respond in those big games. We responded in that game in Nashville and I really liked it on the road, but last night, and again, you know, you don’t make excuses, but I think we played the most games league right now so that the guys might have been a bit tired and I hope that’s what it was, but we want to play a better game. They’re a big team, they’re a good team and they play hard, and we get to play harder. That’s what we were disappointed in last night.
  • When you say that about Lafreniere is it more than last night, “I like Laffy a lot, liked him since Day 1 of training camp. He’s got skill, he’s got talent, but you gotta grow and keep getting better. It’s those little plays, that, I could probably mark 10 of them last night where we had the puck on our stick and it went to their guys and it can’t happen. We want to make those skill plays and there is a fine in making those skill plays that work and those skill plays that end up in our net as Grade A scoring chances. That is what happened in the first. Laffy is gonna be a great player and it’s not Laffy alone, we got some younger kids out there making those same mistakes and we can’t make those mistakes and expect to win hockey games. We got away with it in Toronto, but we didn’t get away with it last night. You need to make sure that they are accountable and the kids know, we show them on video, they know, they see the mistake, they know the mistake, they know that isn’t how we want to play. It happens in a game and we address is and make sure it’s not going to happen next game. They are going to make mistakes, but we can’t make as many as we did last night.”
  • On being grittier and the hitting stats, “I don’t go by those stats. We had hits, but those pucks that came from our defensemen, to the half wall, and we lost those battles, that is what I’m talking about. Those are pucks that have to get out and into the natural zone and make them come out of their zone. Too many times it stopped at the blue line and it went back in our zone and those little fancy plays through your feet, that don’t work most of the time, when they work they are pretty to see and it looks good, but we just didn’t have the battle level and awareness in the first period. And again, when we watch the tape back, 85% of it was the first period. The clips I showed today, 85% was the first period.”
  • Was last night a good teaching moment, “you gotta take something good out of losses. It’s a long year, you aren’t going to win 82 hockey games and I guess it’s just disappointing because you have such a good road record and come home to your fans last night and you throw a stinker at them the first 20 minutes, that is what’s disappointing. That is what’s frustrating to coach, that is what’s frustrating to players. They don’t want that to happen, but I guess if you look at the last number of years in the NHL, that is what happens when you come home sometimes. It’s probably, I’m guessing, 3 out of 4 games where it happens and it’s too bad, but it’s part of it and travel and we came out flat, we picked it up after that, but it was a little too late.”
  • Do you need more from your skill guys, “100%. They are good players, talented players and the skill guys have to buy into the system, too. They gotta chip the pucks once in a while. I don’t mind guys making some plays in the offensive zone and sometimes it gets turned over, then at least you have a chance to come back and play good defense, but when we are turning pucks over inside our blue line, a lot of times those end up as Grade A chances and that is what really happened in the first period. But we are going nowhere if our skill guys aren’t our best players.”
  • On not scoring enough at 5 on 5 and the PP not scoring, “The PP was 0-2 last night, I think they had a couple of chances, but not good enough. It took some momentum away, the second one, but it’s just small samples of it. It’s not like we were 0-5. I think the first one Stromer had a real good shot, but that was the only real good look they had.”
  • On Lafreniere with Chytil and Blais vs Mika and Kreider, “I don’t think so, I hope not. We want him to play the same game no matter who he is playing with. We told him and our young players we want them playing a 200ft game, you gotta play a 200ft game to be successful in this league. You go out for 35-40 second shifts, if you can’t back check as strong as you forecheck there is something wrong and that is what we expect from him. It sounds like we are tough on Laffy, there was a lot of guys last night that didn’t have a good game, it was far from Laffy.”