2021-22 Rangers

Georgiev in net against the Sabres

6:30PM: Alex Georgiev is starting tonight for the Rangers against the Sabres. (MSG)

Ryan Lindgren, who didn’t skate this morning with a maintenance day, is on the ice for warmups.

3PM: Igor Shesterkin joined the Rangers morning skate part of the way through. (Brooks)


Earlier today, Gerard Gallant spoke and said (NYR):

  • Were you encouraged Shesterkin was on the ice, “yea, definitely. It was part of the whole process from day to right now, that was the process. It’s always good to see him out there for sure.”

  • What does that mean for his return, “I don’t know, I don’t want to say. It’s near future, but I don’t know. We will see how he gets along today and what the trainers say.”
  • Were there things against the Avs that needed to be addressed, “I didn’t bring much of it up, because, as a coach and when you talk to the staff the next morning you say, ‘what should we do about this?’ and we thought most of it was from mental fatigue, to be honest with you. They looked like a tired team and we haven’t seen that in the last month and a half, so we didn’t bring it up a whole lot and they didn’t bring it up a whole lot and I think that is the best way to go about it.”
  • On the PPs against the Avs, “when you notice stuff like that, the first two PPs they never got a good entry, never got nothing going, careless with the puck, you can see it and you try to push them in a game, that is your job as coach to push them to do better and you are trying some things between periods and not a lot was working, so you look at it and say, and I hate making excuses, but it was 4 games in 6 days and two back-to-backs, I think the tank was empty.”
  • Is Lindgren okay for tonight, “yea, I mean, not 100% sure, but just a maintenance day and he should be fine, we don’t see any issues.”
  • Is there any temptation to change the lines, “no, I’m going to roll right now. Maybe in the first period we change something, but the plan is to keep them going, we like what we see for the most part.”
  • How ready would Hajek be to step in, “you’ve gotta be ready. He’s practiced everyday, works hard. It’s not easy to do what he’s doing, but it’s part of the NHL and it is what it is. We’ve got nothing against the kid and when he gets a chance, hopefully he goes in there and plays well. It’s hard to make big changes in the lineup when things are rolling like they are rolling.”
  • Do you need to talk to Hajek about it, “I leave him alone, Gord Murphy talks to him, twice a week probably. You know, ‘stay with it,’ it’s not easy, it’s not an easy job, it’s like a goalie that plays a game once every ten games, that doesn’t happen with our team, but it happens around the league sometimes. It’s tough, it’s a mental thing, and you’ve gotta get over it. You’re in the NHL, when you get your opportunity make sure you play well and maybe you are going to stay there. It’s all about opportunity and we’ve been fortunate that there have been no major injuries back there and everybody is playing well.”
  • Why swap Huska and Kinkaid, “well, I think you know that answer. Kinkaid was probably going to be the experienced guy we call up, but he was in the protocol. It had nothing to do with the kid’s game, I watched all the goals, he didn’t have much to do with them, he played a real good first period. I think the bottom line is what would have happened if the protocol was over. That was probably the reason for the change.”
  • Can Chytil’s goal against the Avs be important for him, “100%. You can see, we are behind 6-2 and he scores and he was pretty excited, happy and most times you don’t get excited when you are losing 6-2, but I understand that totally. It’s a thing off his shoulders and now he feels good about his game again and for a young player it was really key and I hope it carries over and he’s played good, he just hasn’t put the puck in the net.”
  • On Zibanejad not scoring, “Not concerned one bit, he’s playing good hockey, two-way hockey and sure you want to score more goals, he’s got quite a few assists, but he’s played well and guys like that want to put the puck in the net. I don’t know if it’s bothering him, I don’t think it is. We talk about him and every night you watch the game and you are marking your ratings on the players and he’s always up there, we like what he’s doing.”