2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Buffalo

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss to Buffalo and said (MSG/NYR):

  • On Lindgren blocking that shot in OT, “yea, hoping for the best, obviously and fortunately the visor and side of the helmet, it hit him in the right place. He’s fine.”
  • On Lindgren winning the Steven McDonald award, “100% he well deserved that award. He’s done it since I’ve known him, for the two years here and that is what the kid does, every night he puts his heart and soul out there and plays hard….good hockey game, eh? (laugh)

  • On Zibanejad and Panarin both hitting 90 points, “I think it’s awesome, both of them had a real good year for us, obviously and to get 90 points is great. I don’t know the stats like you know them, but anytime you get guys going like that and getting that amount of points is good for our team.”
  • Why do you think Zibanejad keeps getting better year, “coaching (big laugh). Mika is a smart player and he’s just getting into a zone and confident. We got a good hockey team, he knows he’s one of our big leaders and he wants to get better and we all want to win the Stanley Cup someday. Going towards that, but he’s a key guy for us.”
  • On trying to match Buffalo’s energy, “for those guys, they came out and played really well in the first. I didn’t think we matched it in the first, but after that I thought we took the game over a little bit, the second and third we played real well. You gotta give that kid in the net credit, he played real well, both goalies were real good tonight, but he made some real key saves for them.”
  • Are you watching the standings and see that Carolina lost, “I’ve seen that, I looked at the scoreboard when the shootout was going on and it just happened to catch my eye and see some different scores up there. It’s a battle, fortunately we’re in a good spot right now and we’ll see what happens int he standings over the next three days, but you look at the battles below us and those teams are battling right now, like Buffalo is tonight.”