Peter Laviolette

What Henrik Lundqvist and Brian Boyle said about Peter Laviolette

On NHL Tonight, Henrik Lundqvist was asked about Peter Laviolette and said “I’ve run into Lavy a couple of times, All-Star games and I also talked to him when I signed in Washington and I was supposed to go there and I have to say, I was fired up to go there just by talking to the guy. It’s going to be exciting to see him in NY and you talk about the pressure, I think it’s about embracing that moment and not to come in and try to avoid it, embrace the pressure and the fact that there are a lot of people that care about the team, the organization and the results. It’s a great challenge to have.”

Brian Boyle was asked about Laviolette and said “I had Lavy in Nashville and kind of similar to what Hank was saying. I had a long travel day to get down to Nashville, my wife was going one way with our son, my daughter was in the bathtub and I got on a plane and went to Nashville and they’re going to Boston, I’m traded from Jersey, I need a nap, I get down there for a morning skate and Lavy pulls me aside into his office, and this is day of game, and I’m trying to go down and have my meal and take a nap and he gives me this pump-up speech where I said ‘Lavy, I have to stop you right there because I won’t sleep a wink and I need to.’ I was getting so fired up, he’s a great motivator, he has such a passion for the game. If there is a problem he’s receptive to having the conversation. If you aren’t understanding what he’s asking of you he will communicate that with you and he definitely is tactical, he knows the game, obviously he’s a cup champion and I think this will be a nice change for the Rangers.”