2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Ottawa

Gerard Gallant spoke after the Rangers win over the Senators and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “yea, we didn’t do a whole lot in the first two periods, but we kept it close, we didn’t play poor hockey, but we didn’t play to the elite level we had to play at, but we kept it close and sometimes that is what happens when you keep a game close.”

  1. Is this a good lesson to learn, “I don’t think we were that bad. It was a 1-0 game for the most part, then they score that early in the third to make it 2-0, so we stayed in the game. You gotta remember that we played, what is this, our sixth game in ten nights or nine nights? We’ve been on the road all season long, I thought the guys competed and played fairly good hockey and kept it close and we got a chance to score a big PP goal and get within one and then things started to go our way. I wasn’t disappointed with the way we played the first two periods, it wasn’t our best, but Ottawa played very well.”
  2. Why did you start Georgiev, “we got two goalies, it’s like, seriously? I don’t wanna be…I’m gonna answer your question, but the other guy has played four games in a row and Alex is a good goalie, we talk about that.”
  3. On Chris Kreider in the third period, “it was huge to get that PP goal, he had one earlier in the period that the goalie made an incredible save on, he didn’t bury it, but he buried that one. Kreids had, I think, a goal and assist, he played really hard, he plays a lot of minutes and really liked him tonight, obviously.”
  4. Do you feel you need more from Panarin, “he’s bringing it, he’s playing the game. He’s a point guy, he’s not gonna go stand in front of the net like Chris Kreider. He’s making his plays, he made the big play on the first goal, he’s playing his game. He’ll be fine. We needed a bit more from a lot of guys, I’m not gonna single out Panarin, but we had a 4-0 road trip, so we are pretty happy. I’m not worried about individual players, I’m worried about our team and I really liked what we did on the trip.”
  5. What does sweeping the road trip mean, “it’s huge, guys felt good about that after the game. Last game, I thought, was the best game of the trip, in Nashville, tonight wasn’t as good or clean, but we found a way to win late and that is huge for our confidence. Now we’ve done the road trip and we go home and make sure we keep the momentum going.”